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ysl bag with tassel fake

Uh oh! I just heard Stela got a YSL bag with a tassel but it looks kinda fake. I mean, it looks super stylish but there’s something off about it. I’m a bit worried for her, she should have done her due diligence before getting it you know. It’s not just her money, it’s her reputation too!

I guess the tassel was the give away for me. It’s frayed and some of the wrappings looks funny. She thinks no one else would notice, but I can tell right away that it’s not real. It’s so much harder to pull off with counterfeit goods these days. People are becoming more and replica bags more savy with telling apart real from fake.

Still, I gotta give her credit for trying. She could have gone down the same route like some of our other friends did – buying those counterfeit replica bags on the streetmarket. Those are super obvious! But at least Stela’s YSL bag with tassel looks super chic. It’s pretty close to the original!

But does she really need it for? Sure, it’s fashionable and all that but still. Especially with the way the economy is right now, it seems crazy for her to spend so much on something so arguably unnecessary. She could have put that money into a vacation or something way more fun and useful.

But, I guess I can understand why it’s attractive. Some of my friends have asked me to get them one too. I mean, it’s an exclusive item, only the most fashion-forward would have it. Plus, when it first came out, it was huge and everybody was wild about it.

It’s a nice bag for sure, but I wish Stela came to me for inspiration before spending so much money. I’m always available to give honest advice. There are way more stylish and authentic options out there that won’t break her pocket. A little common sense doesn’t hurt either.

When I think about it further, I guess maybe Stela was just trying but she was too excited and caught up in the moment. It’s very probably she didn’t have time to research and find a real YSL bag with a tassel. She definitely needs to be careful with her money though, especially when it’s such a huge amount.

Feeling a bit sad about the whole situation, I think I should have talked to her about this. Told her there are so many fake ones out there that a real one would have to be priced quite a bit higher than what she bought it for. I don’t really know what else to say but I hope she’ll be more cautious next time she makes a purchase like this.