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wish fake chanel bag

I recently bought a fake Chanel bag; and what an investment it was! I can’t help but feel like a million bucks every time I don it. It’s one of those pieces that instantly makes any outfit look like a red carpet ensemble. Plus, it’s great knowing I got a designer purse without shelling out designer prices.

Let me tell you, replica bags I had a blast looking for the perfect one. The hunt took me through different websites, blogs, and boutiques, as I tried finding a knock-off that didn’t look like a knock-off. I guess you can say I was being a tad bit picky, but eventually all that searching paid off.

When I finally stumbled upon a replica bags that I was absolutely in love with, I couldn’t believe how affordable it was. I mean, talk about a sweet deal! The fact that the bag was ridiculously identical to the real one made it even better. And let me tell you, this thing felt like butter when I touched it.

Anyway, I decided to make it a point to always take care of this thing. No matter how tempted I got, I refused to get it monogrammed—I mean, no one wants to look overly obvious when rocking a fake bag, right?

Knowing the quality of the fake Chanel bag I got, I was pretty confident I’d pull off the designer-look no problem. And wear it just about anywhere, from a family dinner to a chic girls’ night out.

But then there were those inevitable stares. I think they were more out of envy, but I would always just politely smile back and try not to show too much excitement. It also didn’t help that, every time I was out with my friends, they’d insist on checking if it was real or not.

Oh, believe me; I’ve heard all the proverbs about being thrifty. But hey, they don’t need to know it’s a dupe; as long as it looks it, nothing else matters.