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where to buy a fake mulberry bag

I think almost every girl dream of having a Mulberry bag. Fake ones, of course, hardly ever look as good as the real ones so I decided to find out where I can get a decent one.

First and foremost, I visited online stores. While searching through dozens of them, I immediately noticed the price difference. Some merchants offered amazing deals, as good as 40 percent discount. But I was worried about the quality. How could they be that cheap? After scrolling through reviews, I felt more at ease and decided to give it a try.

Then I turned to department stores. They had nice, “safe” looking bags however the price tag said otherwise. One of those bags would take a bit of my savings. Nevertheless, I grabbed one and took it home with me.

The next step I took was asking my friends, going around the city and asking around at stores. With all the knocks on the door my search seemed to be never ending.

But, I eventually stumbled upon a local market, specialized in fake bags. Prices were not as high as in the fancy stores, but still not as low as online though. The important thing was the quality. It was much better than I had expected. Finally, I was able to buy a decent fake Mulberry.

While shopping I learned a lot about fake bags, a lot of information which I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Looking back, it was a great adventure.

Now, I feel I can confidently say a few things about purchasing a fake Mulberry bag. I wouldn’t suggest relying only on online stores for this. Even though the prices are way lower there, they tend to sacrifice quality. And not every department store can offer what you’re looking for either. Pop up-stores, which can often be found in a local market, are my go-to if I want something that looks and feels real.

Speaking of quality, I knew some tricks to spot a good fake Mulberry. I was looking not only for a bag that looks like the real thing, but also something that would last. Leather bindings were very important for me because they can really make a difference between a fake and a real one. Fake ones have a tendency to peal or tear easily. To make sure it’s real, I had to run my finger across the material – if it’s made of plastic, you can literally feel it.

Counterfeits differ not only in touch, but also in size and shape. They are usually a bit smaller than the original ones. I was also advised to check stitching on the bag – if it’s uneven or hangs off it’s more likely to be a fake.

I was warned that some designs can’t be replicated properly, which makes them stand out as a fake. So I made sure to pay close attention to details of the design. After inspecting the fake Mulberry for a good 5 minutes, I found that it was hard to spot any difference between the fake and the real one.

Using these tips, I was able to find genuine fake Mulberry. And it wasn’t long before I could finally call it my own. Now, this purse is my favorite accessory, and I love to show it off at every opportunity.