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Whats Inside Matters: My Experience with Fake Bags

I recently bought a designer handbag that I had been eyeing for months.​ I was so excited, because I thought I had finally scored my dream bag.​ Well, it turned out to be a fake! What a bummer.​ I was totally devastated.​ I had been scammed.​

I slowly came around to the realization that it isn’t always what’s on the outside that counts.​ The inside does matter.​ The fake bags may look real at first glance, but it sure does not feel the same.​

The inside of my fake bag was full of crudely stitched pieces of crepe paper.​ It wasn’t as roomy as the one I had saved up for.​ It had a strange smell, and it had all kinds of shoddily made zips and seams.​ I knew it was a fake the moment I opened the box.​

My experience got me thinking about how often imitation items slip through the cracks.​ Next time, I wouldn’t be so gullible.​ I decided to take the time to research and read reviews before buying any item that I intended to spend more than a few hundred dollars on.​

To add to that, a person gets what they pay for.​ One way or another it is essential to get your money’s worth.​ The quality of the real designer product was undeniable.​ The feel of the texture and the depth of the color gave me the impression of luxury.​ It felt like quality.​ It wouldn’t compare with a fake bag in any way.​

I realized it wouldn’t be the same if I had gotten an imitation product even if I got it for cheaper.​ I would’ve had to bear the embarrassment of another person noticing it was a fake.​ Plus, the material used in fake bags are usually so low in quality that it won’t last.​ You will need to replace it sooner than you anticipated.​

My next bag shopping experience made up for the previous disappointment.​ I made sure to take all my research and fake bags reviews seriously.​ I consulted with someone who depended on the craftsmanship of designer brands for work and did some more research online.​

Afterward, when I went to buy the bag, everything just clicked.​ Immediately I could tell it was different than the fake bags one I bought earlier.​ This designer bag had richer colors and a better feel for it.​ The quality of the texture and the depth of the color I was looking for was there.​

The inner lining had a good quality of material.​ It was still roomy even after I put in my stuff.​ The zippers on this bag rolled seamlessly and seemed fairly sturdy enough.​ It didn’t bother me if I had to fill it up more.​ This was a real designer bag.​

When I carry it around I feel really special and it draws compliments from people.​ It might have been expensive but was worth the price.​ The look and feel of the authentic designer replica bags matters, which I guess I had to learn the hard way.​