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vintage mulberry bag is it fake

My friend Lucy recently asked me about vintage Mulberry bags. Having seen some really lovely ones online, she wanted to know whether they were genuine or fake. I had a think, considering the various factors that might determine this.

First of all, I thought about the price. You have to be wary of vintage bags that are heavily discounted, as this could signal that they’re fake. Most vintage Mulberry bags aren’t overly cheap anyway, but if you find yourself tempted by a super bargained-out bag, then it might just be that it isn’t the real deal.

Also, louis vuitton outlet look at the hardware. As vintage Mulberry bags tend to have heavy brass hardware, you know that if it’s made from something cheaper, then it’s a good indication it isn’t authentic. You should also check out the zips. Genuine Mulberrys tend to have YKK zips on them, and if they don’t then you are right to be suspicious!

Another way to spot a fake is to assess the craftsmanship. The stitchings are usually consistent and neat on the genuine bags, and the interior lining should be a smooth suede finish. If seams are miss matched or the lining is far from luxurious, then it’s a likely a fake.

Next I thought about the retail packaging. Vintage Mulberry bags are always presented with standard packaging, so if it feels like something is missing then that’s usually a good tip-off. Similarly, the standard care cards that should accompany a 100% genuine vintage bag should be printed on quality paper too.

Finally, I thought about my gut feeling. Yes, it’s true! Gut feeling is really quite important when buying vintage handbags. For me, I will often judge the seller. Do they seem genuine and reliable? Do they have a good rating? Do they have other vintage bags in stock? As trusting your instincts are essential when buying something as precious, and expensive, as a vintage Mulberry bag.

After considering all these points, I also recommended she does some research to make sure she is getting exactly what she is looking for. It’s worth taking the time to invest in a little research online. Read reviews, look at feedback and compare different prices. Knowing that the bag is the real thing can come with a certain sense of relief, especially if you’re parting with some serious cash!

Furthermore, I mentioned she looks for signs of wear and tear as this could be a good indicator to whether the bag is authentic or not. Assessing the quality of the leather is another way to tell whether it’s real or fake. Finally, I suggested she checks the serial number on the leather part of the bag. However, old Mulberry replica bags don’t usually have serial numbers so this will mean that it’s probably not real.

When it comes to buying vintage Mulberry bags, the most important thing is to be informed and wise. Knowing what to look out for and doing your research is your best bet for avoiding fake bags – and helping to ensure that your vintage Mulberry bag is as special, and genuine, as it really should be!

Another great way to make sure a vintage Mulberry bag is real is to have it authenticated by a reputable authentication service. I suggested to Lucy that she sends the bag off for authentication, as with the help of this service, she could be surer than ever that her bag is no fake.

As she was looking for a small bag, I further suggested she take a look at iconic designs such as the Bayswater and the Sidon, as these are what she should aim for if she wants to be sure it’s made by the real Mulberry! I also warned her to look out for the fakes mimicking these small iconic designs, as they can sometimes be quite tricky to distinguish!

To give her further peace of mind, I suggested she visits an independent Mulberry store for a few tips and advice. Not only will they be able to guide her in the right direction towards a great vintage bag, but they may even be able to authenticate it for her too. Additionally, the staff may be able to point out certain details she can look for to help her decide whether a bag is real or not.

The whole process of buying a vintage Mulberry is certainly an exciting one – as long as you are smart and informed! With the right tips and advice, buying a vintage Mulberry bag could be the start of a beautiful collection. It’s amazing what you can find if you are aware of what to look for, and with the right help you can really get your hands on the bag of your dreams!