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The Worst Choices Ive Made with Fake Bags

It’s funny.​ I started out thinking that I was such a savvy shopper, and fake bags that I knew what to look for in a quality bag, so I thought I was being so clever by saving money with fake bags.​ But in the end, that proved to be one of the worst choices I’ve ever made.​

Whenever I was on a budget but still wanted to look good, I’d buy bargain bags that were either unbranded versions of luxury brands or were straight up knock-offs.​ I mean, hey, I got what I wanted, right? I even got compliments on my ‘designer’ bags.​

What I didn’t realize was that just because a bag looks like a luxury product, doesn’t make it so.​ All I saw was how much money I was allegedly saving, all the while thinking that I was outsmarting everyone else.​ But I was totally wrong.​

The faux-leather, the lack of craftsmanship, the sloppily affixed logos, the cheap zippers – I was blinded by good prices instead of good quality.​ I learned that it’s always the little details that really count – and that usually costs extra.​

And now I really regret it.​ Not just because my bags fell apart after a couple of wears, but because it’s a waste of money.​ I ended up buying new bags every few months, instead of spending a few more bucks on buying good quality, lasting ones.​

In retrospect, I realize that I could have saved a lot of money had I paid more attention to the things I was buying.​ Not only was the quality questionable, but there were also possible health risks associated with fake bags – like carcinogenic chemicals used for colouring and dyeing them.​

When I started buying designer bags, I thought that I was just buying the image and the prestige associated with it.​ But I was wrong.​ I realized that bags are an important investment, and fake bags that paying a higher price can actually save you money in the long run.​

And it’s not just about the bags.​ I’ve learned that it’s always best to be willing to invest a little bit more up front; it will cost less in the long run, while giving you a sense of satisfaction that money cannot buy.​ lesson learnt.​