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The Psychology Behind Buying Fake Bags

My friend, let me tell you about The Psychology Behind Buying Fake Bags.​ It is something that has been around since well before the internet and it has been growing and changing little by little ever since.​ What is it though that propels people into buying fake merchandise.​

First of all people feel out of place if they don’t have “the latest” trends or styles.​ Everyone wants to show off what they have and what better way to do that than with a nice looking designer bag? The branding of these bags is so powerful that even though people know its a fake they still proceed with the purchase.​ It makes them feel important and gives them a sense of being included in current trends and styles.​

Secondly, when people buy these fake replica bags online instead of going to a physical store and buying the authentic one it’s mostly down to convenience and cost.​ All it takes is a few clicks and they have a bag in their hands, no need to worry about going to the store and paying a lot for it.​ These fakes online come in at much lower prices that a real designer bag.​ This is further incentivized by the idea that it’s money-saving and that you’re just “taking advantage of a deal”.​

Thirdly, people are looking to buy these fakes as a way of fulfilling the need for something designer.​ True it’s not an original but it still has that “designer label” which many people look for as it is a status symbol in some communities and cultures.​ Needless to say these fake bags are getting better and better quality and people must be very careful to make sure they don’t accidentally buy an original!

Fourthly, there is always the excitement of getting away with something without getting caught.​ While its definitely not a great thing to do, some people take pleasure in knowing that they can get away with buying a fake and passing it off as an original.​ It makes them feel exhilarated and powerful, almost like they’re getting away with something naughty.​

The fifth reason for buying fake bags is to satisfy one’s need for recognition.​ While it may not be the original brand, people who wear these bags are constantly getting comments and compliments from people around them.​ It makes them look important and gives them a feeling of being powerful in the eyes of the community.​

Sixthly, buying a fake designer bag is a way for people to show their appreciation for the actual product.​ By buying the cheaper fake version of the original product, people are able to enjoy all the features of the actual product, while still making sure they don’t burn a hole in their pocket.​

Lastly, the reason people buy fake bags is that they often believe that it separates them from the rest of the crowd.​ People wear fake bags because it gives them an individuality, and a sense of exclusiveness that regular products cannot provide.​ This makes them feel different and special, even though they know its not an original.​

The psychology behind buying fake bags is something that is very puzzling yet intriguing.​ On the one hand it can be deeply harmful to authentic companies and designers, while also providing people with a way to satisfy their craving for designer items without having to break the bank.​ People can only come to their own conclusion when determining if fake bags are wrong or not.​ Nonetheless, no matter what, it is clear that fake bags are a popular choice and continue to be bought and worn by many.​