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the inside of a fake michael kors bag

I remember when I first saw the inside of a fake Michael Kors bag – I was totally taken aback! It was almost like going into a time warp. There were the little finishing touches that you’d find on any true authentic Michael Kors bag, like the inconspicuous embossed initials on the lining and even a few of the stitching details that make the bag stand out from the others. It was amazing how detailed the craftsmanship was! Seeing the inside of this bag felt like I was looking at a personal home away from home. It was cozy and warm and I felt like I could just stay there in that moment forever.

At first glance of the inside of the fake bag, I could tell it wasn’t ‘real’, but from the quality of the craftsmanship and detail that went into it, it was more than just a convincing copy. It was almost as if the person that made it had a real passion for the product and wanted to make sure that it was done exactly the way it was supposed to be. For the price it was cost, it was an exceptional buy!

The outside of the bag had the usual branding of the Michael Kors signature and along the edges were finely assorted materials of buffalo leather interiors and a smooth looking outside finish.The overall impression of the bag was one of luxury, but only upon closer inspection could one tell the inside of the bag was all an illusion.

When I opened the bag, I expected to see a dull greenish/grayish background, and it almost looked like it was real leather! In reality, the lining was actually made of thin polyvinyl chloride that closely mimicked the leather version. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the fake Michael Kors bag did in fact have a pretty convincing leather-like texture.

The shoulder straps were held together with a sophisticated clasps, just like the real ones. All the seams were solid and tight, showing no signs of wear and tear. Plus,the stitching was symmetrically done and the colors were tightly blended and appropriately chosen-all evidence of a very knowledgeable and skillful person that made the bag. Lastly, the zipper section was also strong and sturdy, so it was clear that this bag was going to be able to take on some wear and tear without breaking down too quickly.

The overall experience was illuminating – not only did I feel like I was seeing the inside of a high-end bag, but I was also able to admire its beautiful craftsmanship. I even felt like I was learning more about those high-end bags that grace the covers of designer catalogues and fashion magazines. The fake Michael Kors bag made me feel almost as if I was actually inside the catalogues!

I compared the bag to the authentic Michael Kors bags available and although it was undoubtedly not made with the same quality of materials, the care and attention that went into making the bag was exceptional. Even though it was a fake, I felt there was nothing wrong with it and I was able to appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship.

Since I got the fake bags Michael Kors bag, I am now more aware of the many details that go into the making of a designer bag and can recognize the perfect marriage of fabric and leather, and the details that make it a high-end luxury bag. I now also have an appreciation for ‘real’ Michael Kors bags, that I previously lacked, and overall, my faux experience only made me love the craft more.

I’ve been carrying my bag proudly ever since and often get compliments on how beautiful it looks. I now feel like I am a part of the ‘luxury’ of Michael Kors. It didn’t stop at just the bag either, I have also become a much savvier shopper! I now double check the details of bags I may like and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them. Whenever I buy a new bag, fake bags I am sure to be extra picky, as I was pleasantly surprised with my fake and I don’t want to be disappointed again.