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The Difference Between Genuine and Fake Bags

My friend, have you ever been in the market for a new handbag? Have you ever had trouble telling the difference between a genuine or fake bag? Well, this has been a struggle for me and it is definitely something that I have, unfortunately, had to experience.​

First, let me tell you what I have learnt about telling the difference between genuine and fake bags.​ The truth is that there are little clues that can help you to tell the difference.​ Genuine bags tend to be made of higher-grade materials, like expensive leather and metals, which will be of good quality and will have a weight and sturdiness to them.​ On the other hand, fake replica bags are usually made of imitation materials, such as plastic, that won’t stand up to wear and tear nearly as well as genuine materials.​

The next thing I have learnt is that genuine bags have better construction.​ Genuine bags tend to be made with more attention to detail, with great care taken to line up the seams and ensure that all of the hardware is evenly and properly placed on the bags.​ Fake bags, on the other hand, often have shoddy construction, with poorly-stitched seams and misaligned hardware.​

Moreover, you can usually tell the difference between a genuine and fake bag by looking at the brand logo.​ Genuine logos are usually sharply printed onto the leather or canvas, with sharp and precise lines and edges.​ Fake logos are often overly bright, with blurred lines or misspelled fonts.​

You can also look at the authenticity tag on the inside of the bags.​ Authenticity tags usually have a serial number or QR code, and lots of small details.​ Fake authenticity tags are often mass-produced and are less intricate, with fewer small details.​

Lastly, genuine bags often come with extra goodies, such as dust bags, cloth bags, and care leaflets.​ Fake bags, on the other hand, may come with nothing at all.​

Now that I have shared with you what I know about telling the difference between genuine and fake replica bags, let me explain why it is so important to know the difference.​ Genuine bags are usually made of better quality materials and will last longer, so they are the better investment.​ Secondly, buying genuine bags not only helps to support the designer and the manufacturing process, but it also helps to ensure that the quality of the materials and construction meet the high standard of the brand.​

In addition, there are several reasons why it is important to avoid buying fake bags.​ It not only reinforces unethical practices, but also could be a risk to your health.​ Fake bags are often made with materials that may contain toxic levels of chemicals, such as lead and mercury, which are harmful for your skin.​ Secondly, buying fake bags could be breaking the law.​ A lot of brands take legal action to protect their designs, meaning that buying a fake bag could end up costing you a lot of money.​

All in all, this is why it is important to understand the difference between genuine and fake bags – to help ensure that you are not supporting unethical practices, risking your health and your wallet.​ So, next time you are in the market for a new handbag, keep these tips in mind when you shop!