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should i buy fake designer bags

My friend and I were just discussing whether I should buy a fake designer bag or not. Being an avid lover of accessories, this thought has been tickling my brain for a while now. As much as I fancy the look and feel of these glamourous designer bags, I hate the way they can empty your pocket in practically a minute. And I mean that literally!

As much I get tempted to buy them, because of their chic look and how smart they make me look, my pocket stops me. After all, why stump up so much for something that’s a modern-day status symbol when you can get something that looks just as good for a much lower price?

That’s when the idea of buying fake bags designer bags started to come into play. It would be a much affordable option than buying the real deal, and obviously, you would get a lot more replica bags and the variety that comes along with it.

But then again, it also raises a lot of ethical questions about whether I’m actually promoting counterfeiting products by buying fake designer bags. And to make matters worse, the quality and durability of these bags are also questionable. Even if they might be far more affordable, you could be at risk of not only not getting the best quality, but also of it not even lasting a decent amount of time.

I understand that a fake designer bag might look just as good as the real deal and can be fashionable, but then again, I believe it’s a personal choice. It’s best to weigh pros and cons before making the big decision. After all, you would be the one getting duped if it comes down to it overall.

All things considered, it boils down to what exactly one expects out of the bag. If they are looking out for a long-term investment, which can last them for a few years, maybe they should opt for the real deal. But, on the other hand, if it’s just for a temporary fashion fix or for an ongoing trend, maybe they can opt for the fake option.

So the answer to my question should I buy fake designer bags? Well, it depends on all the factors I evaluated — will my purchase be as an investment, is it just for a trend, and is it ethical. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then I will go for the fake designer bag. However, if the answer is no, then I will focus my attention on the real deal.