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replica vs class a bags

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to the mall recently.​ If you’ve ever been to the mall, you know it holds lots of temptation to buy— and if you’re a bag lover like me, I bet you’re familiar with the never-ending debate between replica versus class A bags.​

First, let me start off by saying the biggest difference between the two lies in the material and craftsmanship.​ While replica bags might look like the real deal due to their pretty good exterior and internal design, they are a lot less durable than their ‘real’ counterparts, and thus usually don’t last very long.​ Class A bags, on the other hand, are made of top grade materials and are usually handcrafted by specialists.​ Though they come with a higher price tag, they are definitely worth the investment— as they last many years and even become better with age.​

Plus, there’s an ethical factor to consider.​ Replica bags are illegal in many countries, as they are usually illegally copied duplicates of popular designer bags.​ Similarly, companies usually hide the factories and employment conditions that manufacture replica bags, which goes against basic human rights.​ On the other hand, class A bags are traced directly to legit stores where it’s easier to contact the makers and inquire about their material sources and working conditions.​

When it comes to authenticity, few things can beat the feeling of having the ‘real’ designer bag on the shoulder.​ Class A bags come with a certificate of authenticity and have the stamp of the original designer, so you can rest assured that you will have a quality product.​ Replicas, however, do not come with any guarantee, and chances are that the materials are already beginning to wear out when you purchase them.​

But, perhaps the highest benefit of class A bags is that, due to their luxurious materials and attention to detail, they can instantly upgrade your outfit and make you look richer than you are.​ With replica bags, you’ll look as if you’re simply wearing accessories that don’t necessarily suit your outfit.​

Well, after that extensive comparison between replica and class A bags, replica bags I have no doubt that I’ll be investing some money in quality class A materials.​ It just makes sense to me— hey, you get what you pay for.​

Not only will my purse last the test of time and make me look oh-so fashionable, but I’ll also be supporting the industry and the original makers behind the products.​ There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing I’m investing my money in something that has been ethically and responsibly made.​

Plus, class A bags are great for gifting, too.​ Whenever I want to make someone close to me happy, I give them a designer bag.​ Not only does it show thoughtfulness, but it’s also a valuable and treasured memory that can last for years— or a lifetime even!

Another cool thing is that class A designer bags hold their value pretty well.​ So, if I ever feel the need to sell it, I could always try to get a good return on my investment.​ It’s not really a guaranteed proposition, but it’s definitely a better strategy than losing a load of money due to a replica bag, which after a certain amount of time will become unrecognizable and be worth nothing.​

Oh, and let’s not forget the little boost of confidence that wearing designer bags gives us.​ You can’t put a price on feeling good about yourself— it’s priceless.​ Wearing an original handcrafted designer bag definitely shows everyone that you are not afraid to try something new and own something of quality.​

The quality of the materials used in class A bags is incomparable with the ones used on replica bags.​ When you invest in a designer bag, you can expect premium leather, as well as a few decorative elements such as studs and shiny adornments.​ On the other hand, replica bags usually come with inferior quality materials, and you usually risk the bag starting to look scruffy after just a few uses.​

Also, class A bags are well known for their ability to keep their shape and structure even after extended use.​ The craftsmanship of original designer bags is well thought out, which allows them to endure wear and tear over a long period of time, making them a much better investment than replica bags.​ Replica bags will likely begin to fade, get scratched, discolored, or suffer tears after just a few weeks of use.​

But, let’s not forget the attention to detail that comes with a designer bag.​ Here’s something I really love— all the authentic designer bags come with a unique serial number and other personal identifiers that prove the bag comes from a prominent designer house.​ A replica could never match that level of detail, not to mention the fact that all class A bags come with a guarantee for repairs.​

Finally, authentic designer bags come with added protection that replicas do not.​ Most name-brand purses come with RFID-blocking technology, which guards credit cards and other personal information from being digitally skimmed.​ Besides that, most replicas don’t even come with a dustbag or other protective elements, while class A designer bags do.​

So, when all is said and done, I suppose the message is clear— go for class A designer bags.​ Because, when you think about it, treating yourself to an authentically made designer bag is actually a sound investment— one that will serve you and make you feel awesome not just for months, but for years.​