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real celine bag vs fake

I recently got myself a real Celine bag, and boy, replica bags it was hard to tell apart from the fake ones! Almost every time I go out shopping for a Celine bag, they look so similar to the fakes it’s outrageous! As someone who enjoys designer goods, I try to be very careful when it comes to buying genuine pieces.

I remember one time recently where I had my eye on a Celine bag in a store. I asked the shop assistant to check if it was a real one and after much deliberation, he said that he could not tell! I was so disappointed and frustrated that I had to walk away. It’s tough to spot the difference between the two.

When you come across a genuine Celine bag, they usually have excellent stitching and details more intricate than a fake one. It’s also much more expensive! However, when you buy from reputable dealers online or in the store, you can be sure that the bag is real.

Another sign to check for authenticity is the marker’s mark. On the inner lining of the bag, you can find a small stamped logo or serial number to check if it is authentic. Of course, this is not a sure fire way to tell the difference, but it’s an important factor.

One thing that I have learned from my experience is to always ask for a guarantee or a proof of authenticity. Ask the seller for more information about the bag if possible. Make sure that when you make a purchase, you trust the dealer and don’t get scammed!

Finally, it’s so important to be aware of where the bag is made. Usually Celine bags are made in France, so make sure that the bag has “Made in France” written on it. This is another sign of authenticity.

I believe that overall, it takes patience and a keen eye to spot the difference between a real and a fake Celine bag. Thankfully, with more experience and knowledge, I have been able to learn how to spot a real one more quickly.

Now I make sure to always check that the bag is real before I buy it. I look out for the details – the stitching, the material, the markers mark and the logo. All of these factors help me determine if the bag is really worth the money.

I have also learnt to be wary of counterfeiters online. I make sure to buy my Celine bags only from legitimate dealers and even offer a took to authenticate the bag for me. The more information I can get from the seller, the more I can be sure that the bag is real.

Most recently, I asked my friend to help me check if a Celine bag that I saw in a store was real or not. I was relieved to find out that it was genuine, and now I know never to trust my eyes over what an authentication service can tell me!

Learning to spot a fake Celine bag is challenging but important. I am so glad to have learnt the tips and tricks to separate a real from a fake. I now feel more confident when I go shopping for designer replica bags and always look forward to a genuine find!