Sully Custom – 5.56 Compact Rifle w/Attachment Set


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Manufacturer?  The dude that runs the company.

Parts Used?  Only the Best.  ;0)

Value?  Priceless

Most of these are custom items from my collection.  Some items are not customs, but are super Rare items I have been sitting on for a long long time.  What “Custom” or “Kitbashed” means is that parts may be modified or glued.  Parts may come from different manufacturers.  I only use the best products when building so you will get a high quality item.  

Often times my customs will come with free stuff not pictured.  Why?  Because you sir or mam take the time to look at my store and you spend your hard earned money here which keeps me from closing the doors.  It’s a thank you.  So thanks.  

I hope you enjoy what you purchased!

Sully Custom – 1/6 Scale – From Sullys Personal Collection 


(1) – Sully Custom – 5.56 Compact Rifle w/Attachment Set


NOTE: 1/6 scale item, NOT full size.

NOTE: This item could have been custom made and as such stains, weathering, glue spots and age may be evident.

NOTE: Item sold as is and all inventory is finite.