Pink Jacket & Gray Beanie w/Tan Pants & Boots


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These Uniform Sets Are Inspired By Sully’s Favorite Video Games.  Including, but not limited to “The Division”, “Call of Duty”, “Titanfall”, “Ghost Recon”, Battlefield, & of course “Call of duty Black Ops”.

He only uses the best stuff so what your getting is a culmination of various manufacturers parts.  All parts are new and awesome.

B Sully – 1/6 Scale – Based On The Video Game “The Division” From Sully’s Custom Collection


(1) – Pink Jacket

(1) – Gray Beanie

(1) – Tan Pants

(1) – Tan Boots (Peg Type) 


NOTE: 1/6 scale item, NOT full size.

NOTE: This item could have been custom made and as such stains, weathering, glue spots and age may be evident.

NOTE: Item sold as is and all inventory is finite.