Mocchiizu Large Plush: Panda


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Product Name: Mocchiizu Large Plush Collection

Series: Mocchiizu
Manufacturer: Yamani Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (approx.): 20” x 12” x 9”
Materials: Polyester, polystyrene

These huggable Mocchiizu cuties just can’t wait to find their forever homes and start offering endless cuddles! You can choose from Polar Bear, Frog, Panda, Cat, and Chick, Cream Rabbit, Gray Cat, Green Duck, Shiba, Seal, Pink Rabbit, and each roly-poly plushie is wonderfully squishy and sporting a soothing expression.

They’re so amazingly fluffy and soft that it’s hard to stop stroking them!

Products may come air sealed. Simply fluff them up like a pillow to restore to optimal size. Spot clean only with a damp towel.