1/6 – Custom – Male Black Diving Boots (Peg Type)


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BlackOpsToys – 1/6 Scale – Custom 3D Printed Boot Collection – BT3D


(1) – 1/6 – Custom – Male Black Diving Boots (Peg Type)

Our custom 3D prints are laser-cured, treated and hand-cleaned to ensure top quality. All customs can be painted to enhance detail.

NOTE: Inside the boot is a flexible peg hole that should fit most mainstream 1/6 scale foot pegs. (If peg does not fit you can use *Glue Dots*). Material used is a clear FLEXIBLE resin that can be re-painted.

NOTE: This is a custom made unfinished item & may have slight color variations or imperfections. These are printed on demand, allow up to 72hrs for shipping conformation. Coupon code may NOT apply.