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Picking Out Real Bags Over Fake Ones

My favorite thing to do when shopping is to pick out real bags over fake bags ones.​ Whenever I am looking for a new bag or purse, I always make sure to check the quality before I purchase it.​ I know that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, but I have always found it is important to know which one is real and which one is a knock off.​

I have had some experience with fake bags in the past and I can tell you that it is no fun.​ It is so disappointing when you finally get the purse or bag home and you realize it is not the real thing.​ Plus, you also might have paid more for it then a real bag without even realizing it.​ That is why I always take my time in store to really inspect what I am buying.​

The first thing I look for in a bag is the material it is made from.​ Generally speaking, the nicer purses are made with leather or a softer material.​ I check the straps to make sure the material is strong and sturdy, and that the zippers are not chipped or broken.​ I also look for the logo and any extra branding.​

The second way I can tell if a bag is real is the stitching.​ Many designers are known for their signature stitching styles and colors and if you familiar with the designer, you will definitely want to double check the stitching.​ I also pay attention to the fabric pattern and make sure that it matches a genuine bag.​

My last tip for telling a real bag from a fake one is the price.​ Designer bags can be quite expensive, so if you are ever questioning if a bag is real or not, the first thing I do is take a look at the price.​ Nine out of ten times, a knock-off bag will be priced far lower then the original designer bag.​

Sometimes it is hard to tell a real bag from a fake bags one but my final advice is to always do your research beforehand.​ Check the brand, the material and the price and get familiar with the designer.​ When you know what to look for, it is much easier to tell the difference.​