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My Strategy in Avoiding Fake Bags and Only Buying the Real Deal!

I have no reservations on being careful when it comes to buying things, particularly when it comes to bags.​ I take my time and do my research when it comes to making sure that I’m buying the real thing.​ That’s why I have a few rules I follow when it comes to avoiding fake bags and only getting the real deal.​

First of all, I believe in shopping around.​ Whether it’s looking up reviews on different products or really doing your research, it’s always important to make sure you’re being smart and taking the time to find the best option for you.​ I’ve come across some bargain prices that seemed like a good buy, only to later find out that it was a fake or a knockoff.​ I’d rather do the extra work up front than be disappointed down the line.​

On that note, one of the biggest things that I do to avoid getting a fake bag is to only purchase it from reputable sources.​ If I come across a website or a store that I’ve never heard of before, I do a quick search and see what other people are saying.​ I always make sure that there’s good customer service there and good reviews before I put any of my money down.​ And if it’s just too good to be true, I make sure to pass on it.​

I also put a lot of stock in doing a good examination of the bag before I purchase it.​ If it’s in person, I go over it with a fine tooth comb.​ I check the craftsmanship, the material, the feel, the branding, the zippers, and even the authenticity codes on the bags.​ If I’m buying online, I’m making sure to check out as many pictures as possible to make sure I’m getting something real.​

Being able to spot a fake bags bag is often pretty easy but it’s important to remember that these knockoffs can get pretty close in terms of their appearance.​ That’s why I also like to study different designer brands so I know the difference and I’m able to spot almost anything that looks a little off.​ This also helps me to spot the fakes in general and spot those “too good to be true” prices.​

In addition, I also make sure to pay with the right form of payment.​ Credit cards are probably the best way to go, as it gives me an added layer of security and even a little bit of fraud protection.​ If something does go wrong, I know I’m protected.​ I also try not to ever pay in cash, even if it is the best price and even if it’s from a reputable source.​

Free photo blue knitted bag still lifeFinally, I always do my best to research any resale sites I’m thinking of using or visiting.​ If they sell both authentic and fake items, I make sure to find out as much as I can about their policies, their customer service, and their return policies.​ That way I can be sure I’m getting the real deal and if anything goes wrong I’m covered.​

That’s my strategy in avoiding fake bags and only buying the real deal.​ I’m sure there are others that are similar but this is what I do to make sure I’m getting the best value for my money.​ It’s important to do the research and do the work, but the peace of mind knowing you got the real thing in the end is worth it.​