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My Life with Fake Bags

My Life with Fake Bags:

Hey there! Boy, I feel like I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone with a designer bag.​ Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Gucci—the list goes on.​ And, I’m no exception.​ In the past, I, too, have invested in these stylish, expensive replicas.​

My journey with fake replica bags began about two years ago.​ I had heard that there were replica bags similar to season’s finest popping up in the most unlikely of places, and I had to find out for myself.​

I decided to take a little ‘roundabout’ trip to a shop in the local mall.​ It was definitely a unique experience.​ Sure, the shop was full of items, but it was all ‘knock-offs’.​ I felt like a kid in a candy store, with no idea what to choose.​

With that said, I will never forget the moment I walked out of the store with my new bag.​ I felt really and quite invincible.​

Admittedly, I didn’t own too many replicas.​ I probably had no more than two before I decided to limit my purchases.​ I mean, I wanted to look fashionable and not, sort of, make a mockery of designers and their hard work.​

Well, time went on, and my fake bag obsession quickly faded.​ Maybe it was the guilt of faking it with something so far away from my budget.​ Over time, I began to understand that there was more to good style than just having designer brands.​

Now, I take pride in wearing unique pieces.​ I just try to find items that have a distinct quality.​ It is also quite fulfilling to discover clothes from independent designers and vintage stores who promote sustainable fashion practices.​

I think it is important to not follow the trends.​ Instead, mix vintage pieces with current ones and make it your own.​ That’s the beauty of style.​ The ability to express one’s feelings through any age of fashion.​

In a nutshell, what I’ve learned is that it is not necessarily what you possess, but how you carry yourself.​ A confident person always looks good no matter what they wear.​ So, if I’m feeling like wearing something different, I just go for it.​

To sum it up, I guess I’ve kind of grown-up a bit since my fake bag days.​ Since then, I let style and fashion be an extension of how I feel.​ And, if I don’t feel like following designer trends, that’s okay too.​Free photo knitted bag still life outdoors