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My Lesson Learned: The Dangers of Fake Bags

I always thought I was so smart when it came to shopping for designer goods.​ I thought that I could spot a fake from a mile away.​ Little did I know that I was unknowingly buying fake bags.​ My lesson learned: the dangers of fake replica bags.​

I remember one particular purchase with deep regret.​ It was this gorgeous green Chanel bag that I had been eyeing for some time, but just couldn’t quite bring myself to shelling out over $2,000 for it.​ Imagine my delight when I found out there was a “good deal” online for the exact same bag! Now, I know the red flags were waving wildly and I should have stopped right then and there.​ But I was seduced and I made the purchase anyway.​

When the bag arrived I was ecstatic and could hardly contain my excitement.​ I admired it for hours, as it sat in its luxurious Chanel dust bag.​ However upon closer inspection I noticed a few imperfections.​ Almost as if it had been rushed to be finished quickly.​ That’s when a terrible realization began to set in: it was a fake.​

The embarrassment I felt was overwhelming.​ Here I was thinking I was so much smarter than everyone else, when in reality I was duped.​ I had fallen for a clever ruse.​ It wasn’t just the loss of money either.​ My pride had taken a major blow.​ It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.​

I now understand the importance of doing your research before making any big purchase.​ Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you are getting the real deal.​ No matter how good of an experience you think you’re having, you can never forget that when it comes to designer goods, there’s no such thing as a “bargain”.​

It has been difficult to not second-guess myself every time I drop a large sum of money on an accessory.​ If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.​ I am an eternal student when it comes to designer goods and fakes.​ Every time I gain a bit of knowledge, I feel closer to recognizing the real deal.​

It’s also important to mind who you are buying from.​ Now I only shop with reputable vendors and always take my time to do my research.​ Proper care must be taken, especially with designer items.​ This is just a part of the price of getting the designer good you’ve been dreaming of.​

Free photo knitted bag on bench still lifeMy experiences have taught me that there’s no room for fakes and cheap imitations.​ Fake bags may be cheaper, and as a result, more appealing, however you can be sure of something: they will never stand the test of time.​ It is not worth the risk of investing in a fake item, that you will most likely need to replace not too far down the line anyway.​