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My Lesson Learned: Fake Bags vs Genuine

My Lesson Learned About Fake Bags vs Genuine

As a youngster, I had always admired beautiful designer bags and I dreamed of having a nice one of my own.​ However, being a student at the time with very limited funds, I experienced reality as to its affordability told differently and snapped out of my daydreaming.​ Until one day, I visited a local market, selling a wide array of handbags and was told that all of these bags were genuine designer bags.​ Ignorant of the fact that I had no knowledge of discerning an authentic from a counterfeit bag, I eagerly purchased one.​

Oh boy, was I wrong! As soon as I got home, I saw flaws in the construction and design of the bag that was completely obvious.​ Even for someone with as little knowledge as me, I was able to determine that the bag could not be genuine.​ Although I didn’t experience the wallet-breaking cost associated with purchasing an original item, I did learn quite a lesson in buying fake bags from the market.​

Sure, the price might seem too tempting to resist, but the amount of remorse I felt for buying a counterfeit was enough for me to never want to go back down this path.​ The bag I bought didn’t look like a replica bags, but it just had a different feel and construction that differentiated it from the authentic item.​ I then remembered that quality should never be compromised solely for price.​

The idea that we can save money by getting replicas of designer items is an alluring opportunity, especially for individuals on a budget.​ But let me tell ya, deep inside my soul I feel so much regret for falling into this trap and having to pay for the ‘discount’ in the end.​ It’s not worth it and I’d hate to see my fellow friend making the same mistake as I.​

Now I know that the chances are pretty slim for someone to identify a fake bag, especially those who don’t know much about enumerating the differences between a real and fake item.​ That’s why it’s better to do your own research, know every detail of the item and its features.​ If you want to buy something, make sure that the vendor can provide you the official verification documents in order to assure that the product is the best one.​

Being wise about our spending and avoiding the urge to purchase something that doesn’t look like the real deal is one way to save ourselves money.​ The key is to slow down and take our time to assess the credibility of a purchase before we actually commit to it.​ It’ll save us money and time in the future, and most importantly, it’ll help keep us on the right track.​ After all, it’s cheaper to buy something things right than having to swap it out for another one that costs more money.​