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My friend, I can’t believe I’ve been taken for a ride like this! I recently bought a designer bag online, thinking I was getting a great deal. Little did I know that I’d be getting duped. You see, I got taken by one of those fake coach bags websites. Every sign was there, but I just went ahead and paid for it anyway.

Naturally, louis vuitton outlet when I received the package in the mail, I knew right away that something wasn’t right. The stitching wasn’t straight, material felt cheap and replica bags the brand name was time-worn. It was obvious to me that this was a counterfeit. Ugh…What an embarrassing mistake!

I was determined to get my money back but after calling the company, it was obvious they were these shifty crooks. They refused to provide me with any sort of refund — and what’s worse, they stopped accepting calls and completely disappeared!

At that point I thought all hope was lost…But then I did some research and found out that there are a few ways to protect yourself from such fraudulent websites.

First, always check the domain — which can be done by going to a website’s “About Us” page. Additionally, you should look to see if the website is based in a different country than the one you’re living in as this can be a sure-fire sign of a fake.

What’s more, be sure to check for reviews. If the website doesn’t have any, then it is likely suspect. And finally, always pay with a secure method like PayPal in case you do have to file a fraud or legitimacy dispute.

Obviously, all of this failed me but it doesn’t mean it has to fail you! To think about it, you could have been taken for a ride just like me. And the thought of that sends chills down my spine!

So I thought to myself, what else can I do to make sure I don’t get duped again? Turns out, there is one more useful tip I picked up from a friend who is an expert on such matters.

He told me about always looking for the materials used in the bag. If the leather and other material look too nice to be true, then it most likely means it is faux-leather or fabric, not the real deal.

These useful tips, of course, do not guarantee success as bogus websites are pretty good at what they do. So if all else fails, just remember the age-old adage – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

From now on, my plan is to never trust any website like this and never order anything from overseas. I’m going to stick to brick-and-mortar stores and only trust trustworthy online retailers.

The most important thing to take away from my story is to always be so careful when you shop online. It’s so easy to get taken advantage of if you’re not careful. Don’t let it happen to you!