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My Fake Bag Shopping Guide

So, I’m on the hunt for the perfect fake bag, and I’m sure you understand how important it is to pick one that looks real! This guide will help you find the best counterfeit bag that looks like a million bucks.​

My first rule of thumb is you should always trust your instinct.​ If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.​ You should always inspect the quality of the bag to make sure it isn’t too flimsy or thin.​ Also make sure the zippers and clasps are secure.​

Next, do your homework on the material.​ A lot of fake bags may be made of inexpensive leather or plastic, while real ones are usually made from better quality leathers.​ I always look them over thoroughly and feel the material so I can tell the difference.​

Now, pay attention to the stitching.​ Make sure it isn’t sloppy or uneven, because that’s a big giveaway that the bag is knockoff.​ Don’t forget to look at the font and lettering on the tag and inside the bag too- some fake bags don’t even have the designer’s name on them while the real ones always do.​

My fourth rule? Don’t be fooled by bright, shiny hardware.​ Some bad guys will try and pass a plastic or inexpensive metal zipper or buckle on a fake bag off as real, so always check its authenticity.​

Finally, you should never buy from an unknown seller.​ Make sure the seller is a reputable dealer who specializes in high quality designer knockoffs.​ Ask questions about the authenticity and origin of the bag so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal!

Still not sure what fake bag is right for you? Consider what style and size is best for you.​ Are you looking for a large weekend bag or a small purse? Also, think about where you’ll mostly be using it.​ Does it need to be waterproof? Should it have straps for carrying? These are all important questions to ask yourself when shopping for a fake bag.​

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to hit the stores and start browsing.​ I always like to visit both the local stores as well as online outlets to see what’s available.​ That way, I can find a good selection of styles for different budgets.​ Try on and compare different bags to see how they look and what features they have.​

Once I’ve decided on a bag, I like to take a few extra precautions.​ Firstly, I have to make sure it’s not too obvious that it is a knock-off.​ For that, I check out any minor details like the designer logo, the stitching pattern or even the colour of the material.​ Secondly, I will compare prices from different sellers to make sure I get the best price possible.​

On the whole, fake bags are a great way to save money on a designer look without breaking the bank.​ Just keep in mind that some stores sell better quality replica bags than others.​ Also, don’t forget to be on the lookout for scammers.​ So, don’t forget my tips- they will help you find a great fake bag that you will love!