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making a fake dead body bag for costume

I recently had the task of making a fake dead body bag for a costume.The first thing I needed to do was to measure the area that I wanted to cover.I grabbed the measuring tape and a marker and began to map out the area in which I wanted to create the body bag.I then got my supplies, louis vuitton outlet a few yards of fabric, foam, replica bags an iron and some string.

After this I began to cut the fabric, I made sure to leave enough for the straps and created the main frame.I then mashed some of the foam until it became soft, this would act as the cushion for the body bag.

Once I had all of the pieces I needed, I started to stitch them together.I had to make sure that all of the seams were secure and tight, so I used an iron to secure them.I had to make sure to make sure that the straps were attached correctly so that they could hold the weight of the costume.

When everything was stitched together I added the finishing touches.I made sure to add a design of some sort, it didn’t have to be anything elaborate but it made it look more realistic.

Once everything was complete all I had to do was test it out.I found an old mannequin to place into the bag and tried it on.To my surprise, it fit perfectly and looked great.It felt weird carrying it around since it was so lifelike but I was glad I had put in the extra effort to make it look as realistic as possible.

I was really proud of my costume, I had managed to take a hollow bag and make it look like a dead body bag.I think with a bit of extra effort and intuition, anyone could do this.The most important thing is to plan it out before you start and make sure the dimensions are correct.

It’s amazing what you can do with a few pieces of fabric, foam and an iron.I’m glad I got the chance to make this fantastic costume and I can’t wait to wear it.It definitely made my costume stand out from the rest!