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m rc shoulder bag fake

My adventure with a fake Michael Kors shoulder bag started about a year ago. I stumbled upon a cute Michael Kors bag from a flea market for a fraction of what they cost in stores. At that moment, I felt like I struck gold. I got very excited and without even checking its authenticity, I conjured up a story of how this bag will come in handy.

It felt smooth in my hands and the color was simply stunning. The original Michael Kors shoulder bag costs an arm and a leg, and this one was within my means. I thought I found the perfect bag, but soon after I found out it was fake. I was completely taken aback and my heart sank to the pit of my stomach.

At first, I couldn’t believe that the bag was actually counterfeit. It looked so real, I couldn’t believe I was fooled so easily. I hung my head down in shame. I was naive enough to believe, although I knew the prices were too good to be true. I felt embarrassed and found myself in a loop of questions: “Will people be able to tell it’s a fake? Will my friends judge me for buying a fake product?”

Thankfully, no one noticed the bag was not an original. It had all the details of a real Michael Kors. Even though it was still a good quality bag, it wasn’t the same as owning a real Michael Kors. I initiated a promise with myself – not to fall for this again.

I thought I was smarter than to fall for a fake Michael Kors shoulder bag. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but I couldn’t help but be pissed off with myself. So, I took a deep breath and accepted the consequences of my mistake.

I couldn’t shake the disappointment and downright feeling of being ripped off. It still disgusts me that people such as the seller are taking advantage of desperate people like me, who just want a fashionable bag without emptying out our bank account.

I learnt from my mistake and louis vuitton outlet now I take a little more caution when making decisions like this. There are ways to spot a fake Michael Kors bag – including looking for country of origin and the correctness of the box and its contents. In my opinion, it’s important to exercise caution when purchasing items like these, to avoid being a victim of a fraud.

Time passed and I have grown fond of this bag. It’s become my go-to bag when travelling and when I’m out with friends. It still serves me well and I feel awfully silly for having worried so much about it being fake.

I’m also extra vigilant when buying now. I make sure to research and compare replica bags to compare prices, as well as doing clearance sales thoroughly. I refuse to expediently buy items without properly checking their authenticity.

I have also treated myself to a real Michael Kors bag, to remind myself to always remain vigilant. Ultimately, I’m glad I experienced this journey with this fake Michael Kors shoulder bag, as I’m now more aware of how to spot a fake.

My faith in bargain hunting has been restored, but at the same time I’m still careful about being an easy target for these fraudsters. I also take full advantage of the fact that no one can tell my bag is fake, because it’s in perfect condition. I can now proudly strut around with my bag knowing it was a bargain and no one is the wiser.

I have realised that being savvy and vigilant when buying items pays off. Taking the time to research before buying items helps to ensure my hard-earned money is not going to waste. It is important to make sure you get the best deals that suit you, rather than purchasing blindly.

I now feel more positive about my fake Michael Kors shoulder bag as not only did I learned a valuable lesson, but I ended up with a decent bag after all. It’s just not necessary to pull out the stops to get a good quality bag and I have a perfect reminder of this experience.