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Know Before You Buy: My Scam-Avoiding Strategies for Fake Bags

My love for handbags runs deep.​ So, when I stumbled across an online site with amazingly priced designer replica bags, I had to take a peek.​ But, before I put any money down, I carefully checked for red flags.​ I have learned the hard way not to be fooled by counterfeit items.​ That’s why I always use my scam-avoiding strategies for fake replica bags.​

First and foremost, I always look for ‘exactly’ the same product images that the designer has online.​ If the exact image wasn’t on the website, it raised red flags.​ Then, I would research the seller’s website.​ If there was no address – or a made-up address – I was out.​

I’ve also learned to look for prices that are too good to be true.​ A website selling a designer bag for sixty percent off the market price was a huge red flag.​ Authentic designer replica bags don’t go on sale that often and are priced similarly across retailers.​

One thing I rarely do is buy a designer item off of a social media platform.​ While some of the posts may appear to be real designer bags, it is hard to verify the authenticity.​ Oftentimes, scammer’s are clever enough to mirror the product pictures directly from the designer’s page.​

Finally, I’ll do one more thing before I even consider buying a bag, I’ll read the customer reviews.​ If the reviews are off, I save myself the financial heartache and don’t buy it.​

That’s why I am so cautious when buying designer replica bags.​ No matter how great the deal seems, nothing is worth the frustration that comes with buying fraud.​ Luckily, I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying replicated designer replica bags.​

When it comes to online shopping I am an expert.​ I always use the right security settings on my computer and I never share my personal information with an online seller.​ Additionally, I always make sure to compare prices with different retailers before I buy.​ This helps me make the best purchase possible.​

I also take the time to research different trust marks and certifications that each store may have.​ This helps me determine whether a store is reliable and trustworthy.​ Knowing the store’s overall reputation online also adds an extra layer of protection before I buy.​

To protect the intellectual property of the designer, I always check if they have any specific policies on how to spot counterfeits.​ Most of the time the designer’s website will contain information about how to distinguish genuine from fake.​ I’ll also do the due diligence to ensure that I am buying from a authorized seller or the designer’s online store.​

I used to be more of a hit or miss type shopper, but that has changed as I’ve matured and become a wiser consumer.​ I meticulously shop, inspecting every detail before making anything official.​ This is the only way I can trust that I am buying a genuine product.​

I’ve also come to the realization that I cannot depend on appearance alone.​ That’s why I always check the material, weight, hardware, logos, packaging and other distinguishing characteristics of the bag.​ This helps me be certain that I’m not purchasing a counterfeit product, instead I purchase with confidence.​

I make sure to keep the above mentioned tips in mind when I’m shopping for handbags online.​ I may never find the perfect handbag, but I do my best to make sure that I’m buying the most genuine bag I can find.​Free photo close up on kitted bag still life

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