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It’s been weeks since I saw that gorgeous woman carrying the most fake Louis Vuitton bag money can buy. At first, I remember thinking to myself, how can someone be so bold? Everyone around us knew it was an imitation bag, but before I could even stop her, this woman had strutted off with her prized possession.

I was so amazed at how she could willingly splash out cash on an item like that, with a confidence I couldn’t help being envious of. As the days went by, I found myself looking for knockoff bags (and other accessories) wherever I went.

Before I knew it, I’d already begun collection ‘fake’ woman bags – small baguettes, totes, and shoulder bags in classic styles. It’s not that I’m defined by the bags, but I do love to rock one here and there. Besides, knockoff handbags can be life savers – when necessary.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing to buy fake equipment, ’cause it’s not, and money’s always better spent on original material. But let’s face it, some of us gotta make do with what we have, and knockoff bags are still passable on a night out. What’s more, I believe for those times we need something to hide our true emotions, or just to lend us some attitude, they will be a perfect fit.

That said, it’s never worth sacrificing your morals or money just because you wanna make a statement. There’s still places where you can score genuine designer replica bags without breaking the bank. And you know what? I’m sure that when you do find that right one, it’ll make all the difference.

In addition to that, louis vuitton outlet fake woman bags do provide an opportunity for us to prime our style. They come in a variety of colors, designs and prints, allowing us to express ourselves without spending too much money. It’s more like an experiment to find the ones that best fit our personality and occasion.

On the other hand, it also becomes a bit frustrating to find the ones that could almost fool most people. With 3rd party providers, we can’t be 100% sure when buying. The pattern, texture and color could all turn out totally off from the original.

Plus, the overall quality of our “valuables” is decreased significantly. Faux designer products can often be spotted from a mile away. The zippers get stuck, creases form on the material and the grip itself loses shape over time.

Above all, we can’t ignore the impact that comes with buying counterfeit gear. It encourages criminal activity, wastes hard-earned money and supports violence in the long run. It’s why I’m so careful with my own (fake) choices. Sure, fake woman bags can be a great way to show off our style and confidence, but never forget to act responsibly.