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It was a cold day in December and I was excited. For weeks I had been hearing how the local toy store had fake snow in a bag. It supposedly made winter scenes look so realistic – just like a real winter wonderland. I decided to take the plunge and see if it was really worth the hype.

I headed to the store and as I stepped through the front doors, I was greeted with the sight of colorful packages, filled with white fluffiness. Instantly, I was mesmerized. I could visualise what a wonderful winter setting it would create in a box or bowl.

My friends had told me that the fake snow was super realistic and would last for a long time. Fortunately for me, I found out that it was true. The store had fake snow pre-packaged in individual replica bags. Mind blown.

I was told to just add water to the bags to create the white fluffiness. I grabbed a couple of the replica bags and headed home to make my own winter wonderland.

Once I got home, I cleared out a bowl and read the instruction on the back of the fake snow bag. Following the instructions was a lot easier than I expected it to be! I opened the bag and sprinkled some of the snow into the bowl, followed by a few drops of water. What happened next was pure magic! Instantly, a pile of white fluffiness began to form and the fake snow expanded and grew bigger until it eventually filled the bowl completely.

My expectations were exceeded. Not only had I created a beautiful winter scene, but the fake snow didn’t create a mess and it was so soft to touch. Plus, it didn’t have any weird smells like some products do. It was so authentic looking that I could swear it was real.

The fun didn’t stop there though. With a few more tweaks, I made a snowman with the fake snow and decorated it with things found in my home like string lights, ribbons and candy canes. It was so festive and it absolutely made my December!

In all honestly, I’m impressed by the fake snow in a bag because it’s so easy to use and, most importantly, it works like a charm. If you’re looking to create a realistic winter wonderland without the hassle of dealing with real snow, then get your hands on some fake snow in a bag, it’ll make your holiday season a lot more magical!

Next, I wanted to create an outdoor winter scene with the fake snow. I grabbed a plastic sled and put a blanket of snow on top of it. I hung an old pair of ice skates from the side of it as well. I then added some pine cones and a few winter woodland animal figurines and my scene was complete. It quickly became the most unique and festive feature of my yard!

I then decided to make a life-size snowman with the fake snow, so I grabbed a pot filled with the white snow and formed it into a body shape. I added a scarf around the neck, a hat on the head and some buttons to complete the look. It looked so realistic that for a second there I thought I saw my snowman move!

The last thing I did was use the snow to create a wintery ambiance inside. I sprinkled a few piles of the snow on my coffee table and added some tiny Christmas trees into each pile. It looked incredibly festive. To finish it off, I hung some string lights from my walls, which gave the room a really cozy feel.

To sum it up, fake snow in a bag is a great way to make winter memories without the hassle of dealing with real snow. It gives off a delicate, wintery look and feel like nothing else. Plus, it doesn’t create a mess, so you won’t be stuck cleaning up afterwards, and it’s really budget friendly. Is it worth the hype? You bet it is!