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is my coach bag real or fake

I love luxury handbags. And one of my favorites is the classic coach bag. So when I was offered a seemingly good deal on an ultra-cheap coach bag – I couldn’t say no. But the question that lingered in my mind was – is it real or fake? I decided to follow my instincts and do a bit of research on the internet to decide if this coach bag was indeed genuine.

I started by looking the material. A lot of brands like to use leather as the main material for their bags, and a good indicator to check this is the smell. The leather on this bag had a strong and reassuring smell that reminded me of the real coach bags I had seen at the store before. So that was a good sign.

The next thing I checked was the logo. Fake bags often have logos that are not fully recognizable. This one had a clear logo, firmly printed on the bag, with stitching around the edges. It looked the same as on my other bags, so I was satisfied.

Then I looked for the precise measurements of my bag to make sure it was the genuine size. My bag seemed to have the same dimensions as specified by the manufacturer. I also did a quick search online, and I found that other people had bought the same bag, in the same size, and they claimed it was an original bag. So I was inclined to believe that I had got an original bag as well.

Convinced so far, I then went to the Coach website, to cross-check the original design of the bag. What I saw was exactly the same design as my bag. I felt even more confident that I didn’t have a fake bag in my hands.

Finally, I checked the warranty of the bag. Fake bags usually do not come with any warranty, but this one had one. So I knew I was safe.

Overall, all of my research told me that my bag was the genuine article. I could feel a huge sense of relief wash over me. I guess the old saying is true – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thankfully my gut feeling was right and I got a real coach bag at a surprisingly good price.

Now, I needed to take care of my lovely new acquisition. I knew it was a delicate and expensive item, so I needed to ensure that I conformed to care instructions. I regularly wiped it with a microfibre cloth, to clean dust and dirt and applied leather conditioner, oil, and wax after every couple of uses.

To ensure that it was safe, I bought a small lock to be put with the bag to prevent any thieves from stealing it. I also kept returned the bag to its bag when not in use.

The bag was also multipurpose – it could be used for day to day activities or even to go on a long vacation. It was not too large, so it was easy to manage, and it was really strong, which meant that it would last a long time.

The bag also had numerous compartments, which was very practical and made it easier to organize on the to, as everything was in one place.

I had certainly made a great choice and this bag was now part of my identity and even when I was at a formal event no one would know what I was packing.

I was so glad that I had taken the time to research if the bag was real. I now knew I could purchase discounted coach bags safely, without worrying if it was genuine or not.