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I’m telling you about this new crazy experience I had with a fake leather bag smell. Just last week I was walking around the mall and I stumbled across this oddly pungent smell coming from the fake leather bag section. I must admit, it was pretty off-putting and I didn’t know whether to keep walking or turn away and leave!

But I decided to stay and investigate where the smell was coming from. A few moments later, I realised the smell was coming from the fake leather bags that had just arrived in the store. So it wasn’t like the smell was coming from anything else like fabric, but more specifically from the faux leather bags.

Now I know what you may be thinking.. Why would a fake leather bag smell like that? Well, it turns out that the materials used to produce fake leather are quite particular you see. It’s basically made from a material which is thick and constructed, which can really emit this strange smell when the weather warms up.

Also, what makes the smell extra intense is that the materials used to create these fake leather bags are often chemically treated for extra durability. This also contributes to the powerful smell, and it’s definitely something you don’t want to expose yourself to for too long.

I know you can find fake leather bags in many places, like online stores, but in this particular store the smell was really bad. It was almost as if they had kept the bags in a confined space where there was no ventilation and louis vuitton outlet so it made the smell that much worse. It was definitely off-putting being in a space like that.

But after a while, I did grow accustomed to the smell. I know it sounds crazy, but when you’re around it a lot, your nose gets somewhat immune to the strong odour. Then all of a sudden I got a whiff of something that I can only describe as ‘fresh cut leather’ or maybe ‘burnt leather’. It kind of smelled like that, which was really intriguing.

So I started to look around more closely and to my surprise, I found out that the store actually carries real leather bags in addition to their fake leather line. After taking a good look, I could immediately tell the difference between the real and the fake leather bags.

The real leather bags look and smell so much more luxurious than the fake ones. It’s almost as if they have been made of a completely different material and with much less chemicals. The smell is just heavenly and it’s even more evident when the bag is brand new and not yet ‘seasoned’.

It’s kind of hard to come by real leather bags though, especially in the mall I was in. But I guess you have to be willing to search far and louis vuitton outlet wide for something like that.