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I was strolling around the mall the other day when I stumbled upon a store selling fake snow bags. It was a bit of a shock; I mean, I had never seen such a thing. Fake snow bags? What on earth are they? I mean, just how does fake snow bags work?

Well picking up one of the bags, I was stunned: this stuff actually really looks like real snow. It was definitely not any plastic quickly-made stuff. I felt the bags and it was surprisingly light—it felt almost like marshmallows with the little snowflakes inside them. The packaging said that it was even scented like snow too!

I asked the store assistant, “Does this stuff really work? Can you make it actually look like it does?” He smiled and told me that not only did it indeed work, but that there were plenty of people using it to decorate their Christmas trees and events. Even though it was artificial, it looked so much like the real thing that nobody could tell the difference.

I got a few bags and went home to try it out. Wow, was I surprised! It was even easier to use than I had anticipated; all I had to do was to throw it up in the air and it transformed itself into a beautiful white fluffy snow! It really did look like the real deal. I couldn’t help but to take dozens of pictures of the amazing results.

But the really special thing about the fake snow bags was that it saved me a lot of time and money. I no longer had to worry about going out of my way to buy real snow for decorations. It was also really easy to store; I was able to put the still-inflated bags in a small closet for future use.

My friends were seriously impressed when they came to visit. They couldn’t believe that what they were seeing was artificial. They were completely astonished by the fact that I had created such an amazing effect using artificial snow bags.

When it came to Christmas, I had plenty of left over snow to decorate the facility. It looked much better than it would have with the real stuff and it was way less effort. It was really quite amazing how this fake snow replica bags made our task so much easier.

Fake snow bags are a great invention; not only are they really realistic, but they also save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Plus, you can store them easily and they are totally reusable. No matter what special event I’m hosting, I know I’ll be calling the store to buy more fake bags snow.