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I Used to Covet Replica Bags Until I Realized The Quality Was Comprising My Satisfaction

Free photo yellow knitted bag still lifeI used to covet replica bags until I realized the quality was comprising my satisfaction.​ I had been under the misguided impression that bagging a cheap knock-off model would make me feel cool and glamorous.​ I wanted the designer look, the classic silhouette, and the attention of everyone around me.​ Boy, was I wrong!

My first purchase ever was a Gucci knock-off purse, and boy I was itchin’ to show it off.​ I put it on, wore it on a night out, but soon my friends started to notice oddities like the slightly off monogram and the course feel of the material.​ I was embarrassed but still held my purse close in hopes that no one noticed that it was a cheap replica.​

After a few weeks the handle started to fray, the zipper became sticky, and the hardware quickly developed an ugly tarnish.​ It was a huge let down – like a deflated tire, all that enthusiasm for my purchase was quickly waning.​ Even though my purse looked great from afar, the poor quality wasn’t worth the “bargain price” I paid for it and all for nothing.​

I could see the appeal of the fake bags stuff when it comes to wanting to look rich, but it simply doesn’t last.​ The problem is the level of quality you can expect; it looks nothing like the real McCoy.​ If I wanted quality and longevity, I was going to have to save up and invest in the real deal.​

It was easy to think that the ‘faux pas’ replica industry was the obvious, attractive choice, but when the time came I soon realized it was nowhere near as good as the real thing.​ After all, it was nothing more than a cheap copy, which was good for a night’s fun, but not for a lifetime.​ Having realized this, I started doing research on quality designer fake bags, and I set my heart on saving up to own one!

At first, I was intimidated by the hefty price tags of these bags, but after several months of saving, I was finally able to make the purchase.​ The moment I laid eyes on my new bag, an indescribable feeling of accomplishment overtook me.​ It was the perfect match for my wardrobe and certainly added a splash of sophistication to my look.​

As I reached for my wallet to buy it, I felt like a million bucks.​ For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t second-guessing my purchase as I had felt with the replica.​ It was vastly different from the replica bags—the luxurious leather was life-changing and I was satisfied right away.​

The value and quality of the designer bag was unmatched, and I knew that it would last me a long time, if not a lifetime.​ I was thrilled with the whole experience of shopping for a designer bag, and I no longer felt the need to buy a knock-off ever again.​ I felt so good about this investment that I started researching more designer items and splurging here and there to feel a bit extra glam.​

From that day forward, the idea of coveting replica bags was a thing of the past for me.​ Now, the only way I was going to be content with my purchase was by investing in quality, designer pieces.​ Sure, it may cost more upfront but I now know that nothing can compare to the quality and uniqueness of designer and genuine items.​