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I Tried to Defend My Love for Fake Bags

I’m an avid fan of fashion and have a great appreciation for designer labels.​ So, when I heard about people shaming those of us who buy fake designer bags, I decided to defend my love for fake bags.​ The argument seemed logical enough: why waste money on an expensive bag when I could just purchase a replica of the same bag at a significantly cheaper price?

“Fake bags? That’s ridiculous!” came the cry of my friends, and I was quick to jump to my own defense.​ “Why wouldn’t I want to spend my money on something of good quality? Something that won’t fade or become worn and tattered in a couple of months?”

Not everyone agreed with me, but I wasn’t going to back down.​ Sure, I could see why the argument for buying genuine designer ysl bags replica australia made sense – you were guaranteed to receive quality craftsmanship and be sure the bag wouldn’t fall apart in a few months – but I couldn’t bring myself to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for something that looked exactly the same as a cheaper fake item.​

My love for fake bags had started when I was a student.​ I had no money and wanted an accessory I could be proud of carrying around without worrying about it being stolen.​ That’s when I saw a gorgeous, expensive designer bag at a store, and realized it was way out of my budget.​ Luckily, I found an exact louis vuitton replica bags a few days later – and without breaking the bank.​ I proudly carried it around for the rest of the semester.​

Since then, I’ve been hooked.​ Fake bags offer the same looks as the real and fake kanken bag deal, but without the hefty price tag.​ I can enjoy a variety of beautifully crafted pieces without having to worry about being too hard on my wallet.​ Plus, I always get compliments – no one can tell my bag from the original.​ It has been a great way to express my style without feeling guilty.​

Another advantage of buying fake bags is that they are more affordable, meaning I can purchase a few different bags in one go.​ While some people nod in agreement, others still looked sceptical.​ To convince them further, I told them about the satisfaction of finding a great fake bag with a unique style – something that not everyone will possess.​ Sure, the bag in question might not last forever, but it would certainly last long enough to make it worth the purchase.​

Despite my enthusiasm, my friends were unconvinced.​ To them, I bought cheap bags out of vanity and not out of financial necessity.​ But, I wanted them to understand the thrill I get when I find a great fake bag and how it gladdens my heart to be able to purchase something that would otherwise be out of my budget.​

When it comes down to it, we must remember that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to appreciate luxury brands without breaking the bank.​ Some may think that buying a fake bag is frowned upon, but I really don’t believe that.​ After all, it’s all about expressing your individual style and appreciating quality craftsmanship, whether it’s genuine or replicated.​