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I recently came across a hot topic in the fashion world; it’s the spreading of fake designer bags ro. When I first got wind of this, I was so shocked, and it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It is a huge shame that such things exist and the thought of someone trying to skimp money by buying a bogus designer bag just rubs me the wrong way. It is taking advantage of all the hard work and effort that goes into producing a high quality authentic designer bag.

I mean, I understand the economy is tough and money doesn’t come easy, the desire for owning a designer bag may be quite strong, giving someone the push to make a purchase of a fake designer bag may be too tempting. However, consumers should look at it with a long term perspective, as the inner fabric quality, stitches precision and overall functionality of fake bags may not be up to par with the original.

Not only can the quality of a fake designer bag be questionable, but you could also find yourself in the midst of legal hot water by simply wearing the accessory. Due to copyright laws, it is illegal to sell replicas of real designer bags. Yet, at the same time people think they are scoring a great deal when they purchase imitation designer bags, not knowing they are further contributing to a beguiling crime.Sure, you may save a few bucks now, but it will cost you more in the long run.

It is really sad how some people are willing to cut corners in order to gain a few bucks. Being a conscious individual, I know the significance of investing in genuine items, not only for fashion but for anything. I have seen it myself, in the countless cases where people have purchased knockoffs, only to have them fall apart shortly after, resulting in a double loss.

Not only do they not obtain the compliments that come with an authentic item, but they shell out more money for both a short-term and long-term solution. Personally, when I buy something, I believe in investing in an item I can both see and rely on the quality to last.

I mean, I get that counterfeit bags are much cheaper and offer a similar look, but the quality of fake bags can never match that of an authentic item. They are conveniently sold on high street or online, but majority of the time, they lack the detail of the original item and it defeats the purpose of wanting a designer bag.

Moreover, a brand’s character and values can get lost upon being replicated. The trust that we build with a brand can be destroyed when an unreliable replica bags is crafted and brought to public. Since the money customers invest in these items goes into the pockets of criminals and not into the real market, the end result is a massive loss and environmental pollution.

The crime doesn’t end with the production of fake designer bags. In most cases, these criminals and rogue companies have no problem counterfeiting other designer items such as clothing, shoes and even jewelry. This brings me to the point where I appreciate the value a real bag has in our lives.

Not only do designer bags provide us an ideal accessory, but they can also give us the satisfaction of knowing that we own the real deal. The quality, craftsmanship and workmanship that go into making these bags are irreplaceable and a real designer item can truly elevate our wardrobe.

It has truly eye-opening to know how this black market exists and how their stores of fake items are flourishing on the web. I understand it may be harder to take the ethical path when buying a designer item, but I believe it’s worth the extra effort when it comes to fashion. So, my suggestion is why not just go for the real deal, it may cost more upfront, but it’ll be worth it in the end.