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how to tell authentic sak bag from fake

When I find myself hunting around a shop for a leather satchel I always wonder if I’m making a good decision. Will I be able to tell an authentic Sak bag from a fake? I’ll admit that I’ve been duped in the past, so why wouldn’t it happen again? After all, I am only human.

That’s why I take an extra few steps when I’m shopping for one of these fancy leather gems. Here’s my fool-proof way to tell the authentic Sak replica bags from the fakes. Firstly, I know the classic Sak logo features a slanted, vintage-looking lettering across a special leather bag. I look for that logo to verify that the bag does indeed feature the correct Sak signature.

Secondly, I inspect the overall quality of the bag. Fake bags usually skimp on the sewing and use a general cheaper design. Authentic forms of the bag often have superb stitching that is neatly done to a higher standard.

Thirdly, I check the material of the bag. Fake replicas often use significantly cheaper material for the exterior lining, but an authentic Sak bag always features original, high quality materials on the exterior, as well as the lining.

Fourthly, I look at the bags’ handles. Fakes might feature awkwardly designed handles due to poor leather working. An authentic Sak bag, however, will have sturdy handles made of high quality leather.

The fifth way I check is by studying the inside of the bag. Fake bags tend to have a much larger lining than the original authentic ones. This means the material inside is a cheap substitute. An authentic Sak bag will often use fold-over construction and a tight lining of tough, premium grade leather.

Finally, I pay attention to the hardware. It’s a good sign when the bag has nickel-plated hardware with leather washers on the outside zippers. Additional brass hardware can also be seen in a Sak bag, and another great pointing feature is the adjustable length handles. Any other type of metal may be a sign of a fake.

That’s my go-to-guide when I’m buying a Sak bag. It’s extra time-consuming, but in the end, it’s all worth it if you get a genuine product.