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how to tell a fake hermes bag

I’m obsessed with fake designer bags. I mean, who isn’t? They look exactly like the real thing, without the hefty price tag. I’ve been wanting to know how to tell a fake Hermes bag for quite some time now. I finally figured out the secret!

First of all, it’s important to know that Hermes bags only come in a few styles and colors. Anything else is likely to be a fake. When you’re looking at a suspected counterfeit bag, check the stitching. Hermes bags only use high quality thread, so it should be very fine and precise. If the stitching is uneven and sloppy, it’s probably not a real Hermes.

Next, turn the bag inside out and take a look at the lining. Genuine Hermes bags have a certain sheen to the fabric that separates them from counterfeits. It should also be stitched closely and not feel cheaply made. If the lining looks off, it’s a good indication that the bag isn’t authentic.

Another easy way to tell whether a bag is a fake is by examining the hardware. Hermes only uses silver and palladium, so if you see any gold hardware, it’s a red flag. Make sure to take a close look and feel the material, as fakes often use cheap metals that don’t feel as substantial.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is to always look for an identifying number or a signature stamp. Real Hermes replica bags have an identification number that’s stamped inside the pocket. If there’s no stamp or number, chances are good that the bag isn’t a real Hermes.

Now that you know the telltale signs of a fake Hermes bag, you can confidently make sure you only buy the real deal. To be sure, compare prices with other stores that sell designer bags. If the difference is too good to be true, it probably means that the bag isn’t authentic.

A great way to spot a fake Hermes is by the paper the bag is sold with. If the shop is selling the bag with extra paperwork, louis vuitton outlet it’s likely a counterfeit. Authentic bags should only come with a few small pieces of paper, such as a dustbag, a dated authenticity card, and a registration form.

When shopping for a designer bag, it’s always important to know the signs of a fake, especially when it comes to Hermes. These tips should help ensure that you always get the real deal, so you’ll never have to worry about being duped. Happy shopping!