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how to spot fake tommy hilfiger bag

When on the hunt for a new designer bag, it’s imperative to know how to spot a fake one. It’s not easy to tell the real deal from a knockoff but, with a little bit of vigilance, you can be sure to get the real deal instead of a fake Tommy Hilfiger bag.

The first way to tell the difference between a fake and a real Tommy Hilfiger bag is to check the label. A genuine bag will have the correct “Tommy Hilfiger” logo, spelling, and size label exactly as it should appear on the bag. Look out for details like inconsistencies in font size or spelling that can be signs of a fake.

It’s also important to inspect the materials of the bag. Real Tommy Hilfiger replica bags are made of high-quality leather or canvas. They will be free of scuffs, tears, or any imperfections that could suggest it’s a fake. You should also be able to feel the thickness of the material, as real bags are usually made of much thicker material than a fake.

The logos on a fake bag are usually very faint or inkjet printed, while a real Tommy Hilfiger bag would usually have the logo debossed or embroidered more prominently. The stitching on a real bag should be straight and flawless. Take a close look–make sure the stitching is even and not too tight.

When shopping online, make sure the store is a verified seller of Tommy Hilfiger bags. Check customer reviews on the store and the product itself to see if anyone has suggested it’s a knockoff.

Finally, price is one sure way to tell if a bag is real or not. Real Tommy Hilfiger bags can often be expensive, whereas a fake is usually going to be a lot more affordable. A $50 bag is not likely to be an authentic Tommy Hilfiger bag.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be better placed to spot a fake Tommy Hilfiger bag.

The next step to taking your style game a notch higher and carrying the undeniable fashion statement of a Tommy Hilfiger bag is to check the bag for manufacturer informations. Genuine Tommy Hilfiger bags have their details embossed on the bag preceded or trailed by a “Made in” stamp. If you happen to find an embossed “Made in China” or “Made in Thailand” stamp with no name or initials to accompany it, it’s almost guaranteed to be a fake.

You can also tell an original from a fake by looking at the compartments inside. Genuine Tommy Hilfiger bags have several pockets built into the interior. Knockoffs won’t have this feature.

You can also check the zips and hardware of the bag, as buyers of fake bags often skimp on the quality of these components. Tommy Hilfiger bags come with zippers and metal fasteners that are durable and of high quality—you should be able to tell the difference right away.

Authentic Tommy Hilfiger bags also come with a card that says “This is a Tommy Hilfiger product.” On the authenticity card, you’ll be able to find out the design name of the bag, the color of it, and the country of origin it was made in. Fakes won’t have this card – so no card, no authenticity.

The practice of purchasing a Tommy Hilfiger bag directly from its official website is also recommended because the store ensures authenticity and offers a five-year global warranty for its products.

It’s always the best option to buy Tommy Hilfiger bags from an authorized dealer, as they will be able to help you identify what is genuine and fake. You should also ask for a certificate of authenticity and take pictures of how the bag looks unmoved, so you can compare it later.

In order to know for certain whether you have bought a fake, you will have to take your bag to a certified authenticator who can check the stitches, fabric, hardware, and serial code to prove that it’s the real deal. This is because it is not always possible to know for certain if the bag is genuine or a fake just by looking at it.

Lastly, it’s recommended that you compare your bag to other genuine Tommy Hilfiger bags on the official website or in authorized seller stores and look carefully to see if yours matches in every way. Many differences in terms of color, size, font, spelling, and interior structure can be signs of a fake.

Ultimately, it takes some research, effort, and knowledge to tell whether a bag is genuine or a fake. By following these tips you can avoid getting scammed and invest in a beautiful, authentic Tommy Hilfiger bag for your wardrobe.