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how to spot fake herschel bag

Hey, friend! I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of people claiming to sell Hermes bags. But how do you know if they’re selling the real deal or just fakes? Here’s how to spot a fake Hermes bag.

First of all, feel the material. Hermes bags are made of high-quality leather and canvas, so these materials should be smooth and soft to the touch. If the fabric feels crunchy or too thin, there’s a good chance it’s a fake bags.

Second, look at the craftsmanship. Hermes bags have very precise stitching, and fake bags the curves of the bag should be clean and symmetrical. On a fake bag, the stitching could be uneven or done in a rushed manner.

Third, keep an eye out for spelling issues. A true Hermes bag will have the brand name spelled correctly. Look for subtle spelling mistakes or letter mixtures that might indicate it’s a fake.

Fourth, look for a serial number. Hermes bags typically have a serial number located somewhere on the inside of the bag. So if the bag you’re looking at doesn’t have one, it’s almost certainly a fake.

Fifth, inspect the hardware. An authentic Hermes bag will have high-quality metal and sturdy hardware. If the buckles and other hardware seem flimsy or made of low-grade metal, it could be a fake.

Lastly, ask for proof of authentication. If you’re buying from a seller, they should be able to provide proof that their Hermes bag is real. If they can’t, then it’s likely a fake.

So there you have it, friend. Now you know how to spot a fake Hermes bag. Happy shopping!