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how to spot fake beachkin bag

Having a beachkin bag is a feeling that cannot be described, but only felt! I have seen hundreds of people showing off their beachkin bags with an expression of pride and contentment. But before buying one, you must check for the originality of the bag. Many times, duplicates of the original Beachkin bag are made and sold to innocent buyers. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks which can help you to spot a fake beachkin bag.

First of all, you must observe how the brand’s logo is imprinted on the bag. The original logo of the Beachkin bag is created with great care and precision. It has the right color and amount of detailing and the logo’s alphabets are simplified. If you spot any variation in the logo, then it is definitely not the original one.

Next step is to always check the inner lining of the bag and its pockets. There should be barcodes, serial numbers and other important stickers inside the bag on its inner side. The original beachkin bag comes with a serial number and barcode attached. If you do not find one, it means the bag is a fake.

Now comes the most important part of checking for the authenticity of the beachkin bag- feel the fabric of the bag by touching it. The original beachkin bags are famous for its velvet fabric and smooth texture. If you feel any kind of roughness or louis vuitton outlet stiffness when you touch it, then it is a fake.

Also, observe the straps and handles of the bag. The original straps are evenly placed with a leather finish. They are also quite strong and long enough to carry the bag comfortably. Anything inferior to this indicates that the bag is not the original one.

After observing the bag’s exterior, you must check the zippers, metal buckles, and other accessories on the bag. The original beachkin bags feature strong and well secured metal zippers and hardware. They should be attached properly and not loose. If you feel that any of the part doesn’t seem quite right, then the bag is a duplicate.

Finally, if you feel that the bag is quite affordable, then be careful. Originals don’t come at a cheaper rate. If you find an extremely cheap version of a beachkin bag, consider it as a duplicate.

Although these tips surely help you to understand if the bag you are buying is authentic or not, but the best way to spot a fake beachkin bag is to buy it from an authorized dealer or from the official company website. The company offers guarantee and authenticity certificate which no seller of a duplicate bag can provide. So, now that you have some tips to spot fake beachkin replica bags, go out and flaunt your 100% original beachkin bag and bask in all its glory!