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how to spot a fake chloe bag

It’s a nightmare for any fashion lover, being duped into buying a fake designer item. Buying a Fake Chloe Bag is especially heartbreaking – these bags have become a true symbol of impeccable style and sophistication, and it’s easy to understand why someone would want one, even if it’s a copy. Fortunately, however, like with most things, knowledge is power and with a few simple tips, it’s easy to spot a fake Chloe Bag.

The first thing to look at when assessing the authenticity of a Chloe Bag is the workmanship. Fake bags often are made with cheaper, lower quality materials, with inferior construction and stitching not matching up to genuine Chloe standards. Poor design and craftsmanship will be glaringly obvious when compared to the superior Chloe original.

Another way to spot a fake is to check the bag’s hardware. A real Chloe will use only metal hardware, highly polished with perfect fits. Any blurring, rough edges or poor material hints at a fake. It’s worth comparing buyer photos of an original Chloe to the one you are looking at, to make sure all the tiny details of the hardware are accounted for.

The leather is another important element in determining whether a bag is an imitation or a genuine one. Real Chloe leather features a beautiful semi-gloss sheen finish, with only minor blemishes, especially in the older bags. Fake leather is usually much shinier, and the texture can be a giveaway. Another key indicator is the smell – real Chloe leather has a vaguely pleasant, almost buttery smell, while fake leather has a sharp, acrid aroma.

The next tip when examining a Chloe Bag is to check out the label inside. Fake bags often misspell the words “Chloe” and “Made in Italy”. Original ones spell out everything flawlessly. The individual engraving of the style code is also a sure way to check authenticity – the style codes are specific to each season and design, exactly like a serial number on cars.

The final piece of advice is to consider the pricing. Of course, conditions and styles may vary, but if the price of the bag isn’t relatively close to the average market price of a bag of that condition and style, it’s probably fake. As you’d expect, Chloe Bags are beloved by many with its popularity causing the prices of them to be kept at a high level.

So, before you take the plunge and buy your beautiful Chloe Bag, it pays to look closely and well-equipped. Even if the bag looks utterly stunning, never be fooled by the looks alone. Knowledge is key, and with it, you’ll be able to pick out the real Chloe from the phony one every time.

Having gone through the basics of spotting a fake Chloe Bag, let’s move on to additional tips and tricks that will help you tell the original bags apart. One surefire way is through the placement and louis vuitton outlet type of zipper and lock. Chloe Bags use high quality zippers from Riri/Raccagni, and these zippers have distinct differences to the zippers on fakes. The same goes for the locks – confirm that the Chloe lock is exactly as the one pictured on the original bag.

Another thing to pay attention to when checking out Chloe Bags is branding. Many counterfeit bags misspell “PARIS”, spell it in wrong font or don’t include accents in the logos. Similarly, always confirm the dustet bag is an exact match of the one pictured with the original bag, discerning the font and sizing of the “paris” lettering along with the branding in the handles.

In addition, lining is the next most important indicator of a real Chloe bag, with the fake bags having some very obvious differences than the originals. Real Chloe bags feature lining of a muted, beige cotton twill with small embroidered tag in the lining with “Chloe – Made in Italy” text. Additionally, older styles feature an additional “SPLIT” label, while the newer ones feature pattern lining instead.

It’s also worth noting that theOnlyauthentics website is referenced by various fashion media sources and is a licensed partner with luxury brands like Chloe, meaning they sell fake-free Chloe Bags. Furthermore, they constantly update and monitor their stock to ensure that only original Chloe bags are sold. Similarly, the thePorter also carry a selection of original Chloe products authenticated by their experts, in essence taking the guesswork out of buying original items.

Finally, boutique stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus may carry Chloe bags, but not always. It’s worth making a note of the retail outlets, if you’re unsure where to find original brand items. But again, knowledge and vigilance is key when it comes to spotting a fake Chloe Bag and ensuring that the bag you purchase is the genuine article.