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guy tell fake irs he bought target gift bags

Well, it all started when Moshe was trying to get himself out of a bind. He’d received a call from the IRS claiming that he owed them money but he hadn’t ever filed taxes or paid any money to the agency. Being in a panic, Moshe decided to think outside the box. He remembered that his brother had recently purchased a bunch of Target gift bags for a party. He thought that perhaps the best way to prove that he had paid taxes was to buy some of the gift bags for the IRS and then present them as a payment.

So, Moshe gathered all the money he had and went to the closest Target. He mindlessly roamed the aisles until he found 5 lovely gift bags – one in each colour of the rainbow. He thought it best to buy a few, just in case the IRS accepted his offer. After all, tax payments should only be in full!

On his ride back home, Moshe was in a state of shock – what was he thinking?! How would the IRS ever accept these gift bags as payment?! He was so close to screaming out loud in frustration.

When he arrived back to his home, Moshe grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and got to work. He spent hours drafting a convincing letter of explanation for his ‘alternative’ payment method. He outlined the creative thinking he’d employed, the fact that he was in a bind and was doing his best, the amount of money he’d saved by using Target, the differences in current market prices and the ‘lifetime of patience and good fortune’ it would take to pay off the possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes!

At around 3am, Moshe was finally finished with his letter and gift bags. The next morning, he drove back to the IRS office and louis vuitton outlet handed the letter and bags to the agent who’d received his call. What transpired next was, in a word, a miracle. The agent got out his magnifying glass (literally!) and examined the gift replica bags and letter with incredible scrutiny. After what felt like hours of intense inspection, the agent gave Moshe a warm smile and announced ‘Whew! Alright, these look good; we’ll accept the payment.”

I couldn’t believe it, I felt like I’d seen a miracle! Not only did the IRS accept an alternative payment, but the gift bags saved Moshe from a world of debt and possible legal consequences.

It goes to show that outside-the-box thinking is a must in the age of anxiety and red tape. We live in a world of bureaucracy, but if we think creatively enough, we can handle even the most dire of situations with relative ease! When we think outside the box, we come up with solutions which are often adapted to our own unique needs and works for the greater good.

Moshe’s story encouraged me to think more innovatively. Even though a traditional solution might be the standard recommendation, why not think of creative solutions which could help in the long run?

Moreover, Moshe’s experience taught me that if we find ourselves in a situation with no easy solutions, it’s best to stay focused and keep the endgame in sight. We should map out a plan, be mindful of the logistics and be prepared to work hard to make sure we come out on top!