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gucci padlock signature should bag real vs fake

I had been wanting a Gucci Padlock Signature Shoulder Bag, but I was leery of buying it online. After researching it, fake bags I knew the signs of what to look for to determine if it was real or fake. But, as I hadn’t had the chance to get one in person, I was hesitant. Since my friends knew of my desire to own the purse, they pooled their money and surprised me with a real one. I couldn’t express my joy!

In the world of fashion, Gucci’s padlock signature shoulder bag is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it sleek, and very stylish, but it has a sophisticated air about it that says “luxury”. But with any product, there are copies masquerading as real, authentic items.

Determining the real from the knock offs can be tricky. Details such as logos, louis vuitton outlet shape, material, color and stitching can all help in determining authenticity. The most obvious giveaway of a poorly made fake is the leather look and feel of the bag. Genuine Gucci bags are the highest of quality and don’t look or feel like faux leather. The hardware should have Gucci’s logo stamped on it, as well as the words “made in Italy.”

When it comes to the padlock, there are a few identifying factors that can help determine its authenticity. Gucci padlock should have a unique dust cover with a minutely guilloched interior and the Gucci horsebit detail on the outside. The signature horsebit closure should be large and chunky and the leather should have a smoothly embossed Gucci trademark. An important check should be the authenticity tag which should have a unique 7 digit serial number laser etched into the metal.

Another thing to look for when it comes to the Signature Shoulder bag is the use of color. Genuine Gucci bags will have a consistent level of color throughout. If the bag has streaks or any areas where the color is not consistent, it is a sign that the bag is not real.

When I received the bag, my first though was “This is too good to be true!” So, when I received it, I compared it with a Gucci bag I was lucky enough to borrow from a friend. I immediately noticed the difference in quality. The authentic bag had the classic padded strap and superior craftsmanship. Additionally, the horsebit closure was of outstanding quality and had the Gucci symbol embossed in gold on the hardware.

A huge indicator when it comes to the authenticity of the bag is in the pricing. Of course, an authentic Gucci bag is much more expensive than a fake one. With a real Gucci bag, you are paying for quality craftsmanship, an iconic design, and impeccable attention to detail.

So the next time I’m in the market for an elegant handbag, I will make sure to do an in-depth check of the bag and the accessories accompanying it, to ensure I’m avoiding the dreaded fakes!