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giving a fake bag as a gift

I recently experienced the worst gift-giving experience of my life… my friend gave me a fake designer bag as a birthday present. At first, I felt embarrassed, but then I got angry. I was so upset that someone had tried to pass off a fake as a real designer bag, especially to me.

My face must have said it all, because the look of shock on their face warranted a few f-bombs. How dare they think they could get away with such blatant deception. It didn’t even cross their mind that I’d realize it was a fake bags, or that I would be painfully insulted.

So, I returned the bag. Of course, the return policy was waived given the circumstances. And when I told my friend why I wouldn’t be keeping the bag, I expected some sort of remorse. Instead, they laughed it off as a silly joke.

That experience makes me angry just thinking about it and I’m sure others can relate. The biggest mistake with giving someone a fake bag as a gift is not doing your homework. If you see the price and it’s too good to be true, take a second to think before you make the purchase. Your friend will be sure to know the difference and feel embarrassed if they discover the truth.

It is also important to keep in mind the intended recipient when shopping for gifts. Maybe your friend is too busy, or not well-versed enough in brands, to double check the authenticity of the item. In this case, it’s best to be extra careful and buy from reputable sources. Not being aware of this could really backfire.

Moreover, it doesn’t really make sense from a budgeting standpoint either. Fake designer bags may seem like a great deal, but you could be using that money to buy a bag of genuine quality. So, make sure you carefully consider all of your options when purchasing a gift.

It can also be helpful to give a gift with sentimental value. Even if it’s something as small as a personal note or photo, these gifts are sure to be appreciated more than a fake designer bag. Everyone loves to receive gifts that have a personal touch, and that way it’ll be clear that the thought and effort that went into getting the gift was genuine.

A consideration that is equally as important as thoughtfulness, is quality. People invest time, money, and effort into items that they cherish. Subsequently, cheap materials and poor craftsmanship make a person feel cheap and unappreciated. Even if it’s a low-key gift, think through the materials and craftsmanship. Artisans pieces and items made from quality materials can make a gift unique and special.

No gift-giver wants to be remembered for a bad gift, like a fake bags designer bag. Unfortunately, if you’re not familiar with the industry, or the recipient’s style, you can easily make this mistake. Instead of taking the risk, try to be more thoughtful and personal. A gift that is more meaningful and of higher quality would make a more lasting impression than a fake designer bag ever could.