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fake versace bag

What seemed to be a great find at first, ended up being pretty annoying: a fake Versace bag. I thought I had gotten an awesome bargain when I spotted it at an online store, and plus, it was 50% off! But, when I opened the package, I was wildly disappointed. It definitely wasn’t an authentic product.

The thing about a fake bag is that you aren’t getting the same quality as the original. And no matter how good of a forgery it appeared to be, the bag had cheap details that gave it away. The lining was poor quality and the zipper was pretty flimsy. You could even see a couple of wonky stitches along the handle. So although, it was pretty, I could tell it was a fake from a mile away.

But what made me feel kind of disgusted if I’m honest, was that I had wasted money on something that I would have to throw away in no time. Plus, on further inspection, I could tell that ripping it off someone would be very easy. So, I was stuck with a piece of shoddy workmanship, with absolutely no value. Ugh.

Still, I wasn’t ready to wave goodbye to this bag just yet – it was cute, after all. So I figured I’d use it for a while. We all know that nothing in life lasts forever, louis vuitton outlet right? Since the bag was fake, there was nothing to actually lose – it probably wouldn’t last too long anyway. That’s when I decided to make this fake Versace bag my ‘Everyday’ bag.

I’m usually really picky about spoiled goods, so this was a great opportunity to work on my relaxed attitude. Granted, I was never looking to mislead anybody, but knowing that everyone I encountered wouldn’t rush to tell me that my bag was a counterfeit brought a sly smile to my face. haha. At least, I was getting something out of my daft purchase – good practice at faking it ’til you make it.

By the time I was done my ‘Everyday’ bag, the nightmare of the fake Versace bag had completely subsided. Not only did I use it as a vehicle for emotional growth, replica bags but I was now totally unbothered by the bag’s counterfeit nature. If you asked me about it today, I’d tell you that it was all part of the journey. Heck, it even taught me a few lessons that I now apply to other areas of my life.