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fake micheal kors bag

So I bought this fake Micheal Kors bag a few weeks ago and I was so excited! I mean, why wouldn’t I be? It looked like the real thing and it had all the labels and a dust cover. I was just over the moon.

At first, I was dizzy with delight. I was convinced that this was an original bag and imagined people thinking it was so as I strutted around, feeling like I was so fashionable. But then my friend’s husband burst my bubble when he pointed out that it was a fake bags. Man, I was so embarrassed.

My friend tried to make me feel better by saying: “Girl, it’s ok. You just got scammed but that’s okay because you still have a great looking designer bag”. Ha, in my mind, I was like “This aint no designer bag. This is a complete disappointment!” But I just smiled and thanked her.

I was so mad at myself for buying the fake Michael Kors bag. I had wanted a designer purse for so long and thought I had something that looked the real deal. But I quickly learnt that you can’t be fooled into buying fake designer goods, because it usually looks a lot different and off quality.

Still, I just decided to make the best of the situation and managed to make some of my money back by reselling the bag. I still lost some money, but it was a valuable lesson I learnt.

Moving on, I decided to check out the Micheal Kors Black Friday sale for the real thing. And wow! I got my hands on such an amazing designer bag and it was on sale! I was so chuffed!

At the store, the colour and texture of the leather and the quality of the hand-stitching were just exquisite. It came with a special dust slamming and label that I thought was worth the money. Plus, I got to look fashionable without it hurting my pocket.

So now, I’m strutting around feeling like a diva wearing my real Micheal Kors bag. Oh, I’m so proud of it! Whenever I look at it, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have it. So, if you’re looking to buy something designer, I suggest checking it out at the Micheal Kors store and louis vuitton outlet waiting for a sale. You will definitely score the real thing and the quality will be worth every penny.

I also learnt that online stores aren’t so reliable when it comes to buying designer gear. Recently, a lot of people have been stocking and selling fake goods. So be weary of these sites that come up on Google.

Of course, the blue and white dust cloth with the label is a good indicator of a real or fake Michael Kors bag. You can also check out high-resolution photos of the bags, and compare prices. Plus, it’s always good to double check the serial number on the Michael Kors website, to ensure that its real.

Research is so important when it comes to designer gear. Don’t be fooled into buying a fake bag just because it looks nice. Look for top quality construction, high-grade leather, finished stitching and great attention to detail. It’s all about being diligent when it comes to designer goods.

Finally, have a look at how the bag is structured. One way to spot your Micheal Kors authentic is to look at the shoulder straps and how they are connected, it should be seamless. Fakes usually have visible machinery at the straps’ attachments.

Also, keep an eye out for the change pocket located just above the zipper. This pocket should be opened with a button and concealed by a flap. Plus, the inside of the bag should be neat and organised. Its bumps and dimensions should remain the same throughout the bag.

So, when it comes to buying designer Michael Kors bags, my advice is to be wise and wait for the sales. That way, you can get your hands on the real thing and it wont cost you the world.

Recently, I also got my hands on some Micheal Kors accessories. I got myself some earrings, a few scarlett necklaces and a lovely wristwatch. I was like a kid in a candy store!

When it comes to investing in designer items, I have to say the earrings and necklaces are my favourites. They just look so chic and go with anything. Plus, the styles are classic and I love the way they sparkle.

Other than those things, I got some sunnies and handbags. So now I’m set for the summer season! My wardrobe is definitely on point!

I feel so proud to say that I’m a big fan of Micheal Kors. His designs are just so perfect! It’s like he knows exactly what styles look good on me.

Plus, I love how I can match almost anything with his designs. He just has the perfect timeless pieces. Also, his products last very long, considering their made from high quality materials.

So now, when my friends come over and ask me where I got my designer gear from, I can confidently say: “It’s all Micheal Kors. He’s my fashion icon.”

When it comes to designer label, nothing beats Micheal Kors. His products are all about quality and the perfect fit. My wardrobe is slowly being filled with all his amazing stuff, which I just love.

Of course, people often ask me how I can afford to be updated with all his stuff. Honestly, I’m always just keeping an eye out for the next sale.

Like last Easter, I managed to get myself some awesome items, at amazing prices. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’m in fashion heaven!”

For this upcoming Summer, I’m keeping an eye on his website for seasonal items. I’m so excited!

I’ve also already saved enough to buy myself something special. I’m just hoping to find something that stands out from the usual trend.

And hey, if I’m lucky enough, I might even score a designer piece that might one day become a collectible. Fingers crossed!