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fake michael kors manhattan bag

My best friend recently got her hands on a fake Michael Kors manhattan bag and she shows me with great excitement. She was ranting how much of a bargain she had got and how she got it for a fraction of the real Michael Kors’ price. I was truly shocked! I couldn’t believe it! I asked her where she’d got it from and she told me an online store, which I didn’t even know existed.

On further inspection, I noticed a few tell-tale signs. Firstly, the texture of the bag was off. It felt somewhat stiff and wasn’t as smooth as the original bag. Secondly, the ‘MK’ logo was misaligned and also a bit smaller than the original Michael Kors bag. Thirdly, the colors were slightly different. None of these signs were obvious or drastically different, but it was clear that it wasn’t the real thing.

I was amazed at how realistic it looked in the first place. It seemed to me that it had been made with considerable skill and attention to detail. It was sturdy and could have been mistaken as the genuine article by someone in the casual glance. But it was only when I looked closely, that I could detect the differences.

I told her how impressed I was with the skill and craftsmanship of the fakers. I mean, louis vuitton outlet they had to have done a great job as it looked like the real deal. So much so, that I couldn’t differentiate it at first glance. She understood the point I was trying to make and then mused about how wrong it is to buy fake bags items. She had thought it was a one-off deal since she got it for an amazing discount, but now she realized that there are definitely ethical implications to consider when it comes to counterfeits.

I agreed with her and we both realized that we should give more thought to these things before jumping onto the ‘fake bargain’ train. Even if a fake item looks like the real deal and you get it for much less money, it is still wrong to do so, and we should all make more conscientious decisions when it comes to our purchases.

Moving on, even with the knowledge of the counterfeit item, almost everyone that saw it had remarked how beautiful it was; a testament of the good work of the counterfeiters. As someone with a refined eye for fashion, the craftsmanship and makeup of the bag felt just right. I couldn’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship.

The quality of the leather used in it was great, without a doubt. It didn’t scream ‘fake’ in a way that you’d be wary of carrying it around, which is a testament of the counterfeiting trade’s standards. That’s why so many people actually mistake a fake bag for the real one.

However, for anyone familiar with the genuine item, the differences are quite stark. The shape, size, stitching, material used and of course, the logo; these are all dead giveaways. Also, most decent genuine Michael Kors bag come with a corresponding price tag and serial number, so if you buy something that has neither, then that’s for certain, a fake.

Overall, it is easy to be fooled by the lookalikes, but there are always a few signs to look out for. The good thing is that my friend hasn’t been fooled and she knows to be more careful in the future. All things considered, I guess you get what you pay for.