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fake louis vuitton carry bag

Oh my god, I can’t believe it. I was walking around the mall the other day when I noticed a really nice louis vuitton outlet Vuitton carry bag. It was so cute and it screamed luxury. I wanted it so bad, but when I went to check out the price tag – it was way above my budget. I was crushed, I had to walk away without that beautiful bag I so badly wanted. What a bummer.

On my way home, I noticed what looked like the same bag at a fraction of the cost. The color and pattern were spot on – it had to be the same bag. I was so suspicious, so I decided to investigate a little further. I asked the shopkeeper where the bag was from and he answered with an eye shift. That was enough for me to know I was dealing with a counterfeit item.

I took a second look and it was obvious that it wasn’t a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. It had fake Adidas labels, frayed edges, and the stitching was clearly not up to the high standards of the LV craftsmanship I was familiar with. I mean, come on, this wasn’t fooling anyone!

I think it is really sad how people go out of their way to deceive others, just to make a quick buck. It’s a really shady business and I’m not a fan. It’s wrong to buy fake items, and it’s wrong to sell them. They are also not really worth it, since they usually don’t last – so in the end you are just throwing your money away.

I get it though, I mean, the quality stuff can be super expensive and sometimes people just can’t afford the real thing. But that doesn’t mean they should go for the knock-offs. I wish people who are looking for items could have their needs met without resorting to fakes.

Walking away from that shop, I vowed to never buy a fake bags Louis Vuitton carry bag – or any knock-off items in general. It’s just not worth it, and I refuse to be a part of the cycle that supports those who deceive and take advantage of others to make a buck.

Later on, I started looking into how to spot a fake LV bag and I was so surprised. There are so many signs. The materials may or may not be of lower quality, it may have different lining prints, the logos may be smudged, there may be fabric inconsistencies, the stitching could be sloppy, and the spelling and grammar mistakes in the labels are usually a dead giveaway. Oh, and then there’s the price.

If it is too good to be true then it probably is. That’s why I will always go for the real thing – it may be costly, but it’s also an investment and I know that it will last. That’s why I’ll always stick with the authentic.