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fake jordan elephant print book bag

My best friend recently surprised me with a fake bags Jordan elephant print book bag. I was so excited that I almost squealed! The elephant gray print was vivid and eye catching and it was almost like the real deal when you looked at it from afar.

The colors were luxurious and the bag had an almost regal feel to it, with its detailed elephant print and gold hardware. Plus, it was a bargain compared to the original, which made my best friend laugh when I told him this.

The bag had two comfortable straps that I could carry easily. I loved the fact that it wasn’t too bulky and light in weight, but that it also had a lot of storage, with three pockets on the outer side, two within, and one along the back piece for extra security.

I found it really hard to resist the desire to buy this fake Jordan elephant print bag. The look was just so perfect it screamed to me from the store shelves. The price tag though was extremely attractive and that was the clincher in the end that had me walking out with the bag in hand.

The bag held the contents of my life I thought. My Moleskine notebook to write my thoughts, a laptop to help advance my career, and maybe even my Kindle if I had a long day in front of me. It felt like it was made for me and I made on mistake of wearing it all across the town.

My heart sang when I wore it. I enjoyed each step I took with the bag. Everywhere I went, people’s heads turned when I walked by. I felt like the traditional elephant print carried a sense of unspoken power, with its multi-colored natural fibers which seemed luxurious and strong just like me.

There’s no doubt in my mind this bag will be a hit with others as well. I mean, wouldn’t you love to have an elephant print option for louis vuitton outlet your everyday bag to make your day a little more special? I think it’s a great way to add a unique touch to any fashion look.

I love how the smooth silhouettes of the elephant print give a subtle yet powerful persona. It’s quite timeless when paired with different ensembles. Whether I’m wearing a dress or dress casual, this bag always pulls my look together.

The best part is that while it might not be real elephant skin, it’s cruelty free and 100% wooden material. That alone was enough for me to make the purchase! Plus, it was great to have a bag that was different from everyone else’s.

My fake Jordan elephant print bag is always a conversation starter. It has helped me make friends and engender incredible conversations with strangers. I cannot even begin to express how important this bag has been to my life!