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fake iv bags for halloween

Oh my goodness, Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means – fake iv bags! I absolutely love scaring people with creepy props for this festival and what better than having a realistic fake iv bag hanging from the walls of my home? Trust me, it makes an amazing impression! I mean, just imaging walking into a room filled with fake iv bags with the eerie sound of monitors beeping in the background.

The first time me and my fiancé decided to go for the fake iv bag idea, we were extremely excited. We bought it for about thirty dollars from a party supply store nearby, though now you can find it online too for cheaper prices! What caught out attention was the details they put into making it look real. The bag was made of faux leather material, had a connected tube with a clamp, all the medical markings, and even a fake blood bag inside! We decided to take it a step further and added some spiders in the bag and made it look like a real horror scene.

To get the full spooky effect, louis vuitton outlet it was important to properly hang the bag and set the right mood with some lighting. We then hung the bag with some spider-webs and a few bats also added to the whole atmosphere. We even got some halloween light bulbs to set the backdrop and the eerie sound of monitors to put the icing on the spooky cake! It was simply amazing and genuine!

We then put all our effort in placing the iv bag at the right angle and in the right spot. We made sure that it was properly visible to grab the attention of the guests who came to our home. For ultimate authenticity, I also got some fake syringes and medical tools to compliment the bag. We placed the tools around the bag in order to make it look like a real hospital set up.

Let me tell you – it was a grand success! After we finished setting up, the first thing that came to my mind was- ‘Wow, this is going to blow some minds away!’ And I was right! Our friends and family were so taken by surprise when they saw the realistic scene that our halloween party became the talk of the town! Everyone kept coming back and wanting to see it all over again.

The success of our iv bag was on another level. People were so impressed with how real it looked. All the meticulous details were not lost and it was a sight to behold. It has been three years since then and I am still getting compliments for it. I guess it just goes to show that a proper display of something as small as a fake iv bag can really serve as a great addition to any halloween party!

The next time you organize a halloween party, try using fake iv replica bags to spruce things up a little and take your decoration game to the next level. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the results! It will be a hit with your guests and will serve its purpose just right. So be brave and go for it!