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Fake It Until You Make It: My Experiences Buying Replica Bags

It all started with me being out shopping with a friend for the perfect bag.​ I wanted something that was glamorous yet still screamed functionality, but shopping around it quickly felt like I was chasing a wild goose.​ My friend kept saying, why not just buy one of the fake bags that are around, it isn’t like you’ll be able to tell the difference? I was horrified, feeling like I had to be the best and have the real deal.​

But as time passed, the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became.​ I decided to do some research and asked around.​ After much exploration, I decided to try and purchase a replica designer bag.​ It was an exciting prospect with a stigma attached, as I didn’t want to be “that person” that everyone turns up their nose at.​

My first, and what I thought was going to be my only, replica bag purchase was relatively easy.​ It was from a store online and it was a good price.​ To be honest, the bag looked almost exactly like the real deal that I had been checking out in the store.​ But as the weeks rolled by, I started to become more comfortable with my decision.​

Once I had the bag and started using it, I was blown away by the little compliments I was getting from friends and family.​ I guess my first instinct to be concerned with that “stigma” was not necessary.​ In fact, the opposite held true.​ People looked twice at the bag and appreciated the fact that I had found something that was not only designer-like but affordable to me.​

The more I used my replica bags designer bag, the more I felt I wanted to try and test the waters and expand my selection.​ I made more purchases online, as well a few in store found near the outlet shops.​ Now, I feel really confident in my ability to spot a real designer bag from a fake one.​ I’ve got quite the eye for it and it does not hurt that I’m also Dean’s List budget savvy!

Free PSD baggage prepared for travellingThe next step – buying different ways to accessorize the bags.​ That is what truly made me fall down the rabbit hole.​ Every season, I am checking out what the latest trends in replica bags are.​ From chains for cross body bags to different types of straps, it is fun and exciting to think how I can truly make each bag my own.​ I even managed to find a terrific street side leather worker to upgrade my pieces with some extra embellishments that really truly made them unique to me.​

To top it off, I have found that I really don’t have to break the bank in order to make the statement that I want.​ There are a lot of retailers who are in on the replica trend.​ They offer reasonable prices for quality pieces.​ I can spot an open market selling replica bags from a mile away.​ It’s been a great journey and one I’m still actively on!